Have clowns come to town?

Published 1:00 pm Monday, September 19, 2016

AMERICUS — With clown sightings across the nation and elsewhere, there have been three reports of clown sightings in Americus.
Around 10 p.m. Wednesday. Police were called to the Barnum Drive area to a report of “multiple individuals” wearing clown suits in the Barnum Drive area. Responding officers found no clowns in the area. Police again were summoned to the same area at around 11 p.m. with the same complaint; still no clowns were found by police.
Shortly after 3 a.m. Thursday, police responded to the same area again to a report of one person wearing a clown suit prowling in the area. Again, nothing was found.
According to published reports, two individuals were arrested Wednesday for making false 911 calls reporting clown sightings in Troup County. Both were charged with obstruction and unlawful conduct, and were jailed.
The creepy clown sightings have been reported in North and South Carolina, and Virginia, as well as Georgia, starting back during August. New Jersey officials, according to published reports, have warned parents to talk to their children about personal safety, although there have been no clown sightings in that state.
Published reports say a clown attempted to lure children into the woods in Greenville County, South Carolina.
— Beth Alston