Flu vaccine now available in all 15 counties

Published 9:00 pm Monday, September 26, 2016

COLUMBUS — Influenza vaccines are available at the Columbus Department of Public Health and the 15 counties of the West Central Health District, including the Sumter and Schley County health departments. The Centers for Disease Control recommends that all individuals be vaccinated as soon as possible, since the antibodies that provide protection take about two weeks to develop in the body. “We all want to be able to enjoy the activities and holidays at this time of year, so now is the time to come into the health department in your county for your flu vaccine,” says Dr. Beverley Townsend, District Health director.
The CDC recommends the flu vaccine for everyone six months of age and older, and especially for people in the following groups who are at risk for developing flu complications:
• Children younger than 5, and especially younger than 2 years old
• Pregnant Women
•  Adults 65 years of age and older
•  People who have certain medical conditions, for example, Asthma, Heart Disease, a weakened immune system due to disease or medication, and others
•  Residents of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities
•  Healthcare workers
All locations are stocked with the standard flu vaccine, as well as the high dose flu shot which is recommended for adults 65 years of age and older, and persons with a compromised immune system.
Many insurance plans are also accepted, including Medicaid and Medicare and any Medicare supplement policy. And for those without insurance, the health department offers affordable pricing.
Adults aged 60 and older are reminded to also receive vaccinations against other diseases if they have not done so. Vaccines for shingles, pneumonia, and pertussis are also available and recommended.
For more information, contact your local health department or visit www.westcentralhealthdistrict.com to find the location in your county.