County Commissioner Clay Jones seeks re-election to District 1 seat

Published 1:00 pm Monday, November 7, 2016


AMERICUS – Incumbent District 1 County Commissioner, Clay Jones, is currently seeking re-election for his seat on the Sumter County Board of Commissioners (BOC) against challenger, Harvey Claiborne.
Jones recently spoke with the Times-Recorder about his candidacy, stating, “I am a lifelong resident of Americus and District 1, I have operated Clay Jones Builders since 1994, a family business that started here in Americus in 1972. As a 1983 graduate of Americus High School, a devoted husband, and father, I am fully committed to the citizens of Sumter County.”
Jones went on to discuss his accomplishments in the community, saying, “Over the past three and a half years, I have worked hard for the citizens of District 1 and all citizens of Sumter County. I currently serve as vice chairman of the BOC, the Industrial Development Authority, the Airport Authority, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Advisory Board.
“I have been instrumental in securing funding for county road paving and striping,” Jones continued, adding that he has helped to acquire “much needed new public works heavy equipment to maintain paved and dirt roads.” He went on to say that he has helped to “upgrade the county’s computer system [and acquire] grant monies to help remedy the Arlington Drive/Lake Ridge Drive storm water drainage problem.
“When I came into office, all county employees were on furlough days and all raises were halted,” he added. “Now there are no more furlough days and all employees are receiving longevity raises.”
Asked about some of the issues that he would like to see change in the community, Jones answered, “Bringing jobs to Sumter County is a major concern for the BOC and very important to me. The BOC, Payroll Development Authority, Sumter County Chamber, City of Americus and numerus of others are working together to bring more jobs to our area. We have a lot of small businesses upstarting here while maintaining the existing businesses, which are also hiring. While working to bring larger manufacturing facilities to Sumter County, the competition and incentives offered by other counties is significant.”
Jones stated that he believes that he is qualified for the position because, “With my experience and increased knowledge of county government, I am the best candidate to serve the county residents. If re-elected, I pledge to be honest and conservative, yet progressive and responsive to all citizens of District 1.”
Asked if he has any last words for county residents before election day, Jones expressed, “My deepest gratitude and appreciation for the support received during my previous four-year term. [I am] asking for the continued support of the District 1 residents by voting for me on Tuesday, Nov. 8 at the polls … Re-elect Clay Jones for Sumter County Board of Commission District 1.”
Jones’ opponent, Claiborne, did not respond to the Times-Recorder’s request for an interview.