Schley County election results

Published 6:05 pm Wednesday, November 9, 2016

ELLAVILLE – On Nov. 8, Schley County voters went to the polls to cast their ballots in a series of national, statewide, and local elections.

Schley voters overwhelmingly favored republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump over democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, by a margin of 1,472-401.

Schley’s voters helped United States senator, Johnny Isakson, retain his seat over challenger, Jim Barksdale, by a margin of 1,445-345. Isakson won his re-election bid with 54.91 percent of the overall vote in Georgia.

In the race for Public Service Commission, District two – Eastern, Schley voters favored incumbent, Tim Echols to challenger, Eric Hoskins, by a margin of 1,452-253. Echols won his bid for re-election with 66.64 percent of the overall vote in Georgia.

Schley voters favored challenger, Greg Duke, over incumbent US representative, Sanford Bishop, by a margin of 1,279-601. Bishop won the position with 61.19 percent of the overall vote in Georgia.

Schley voters favored District 138 republican incumbent state representative, Mike Cheokas, over democratic candidate, Bill McGowan, by a margin of 1,300-580 in the county. McGowan won the overall vote in the district, with 50.84 percent of the voters in the district favoring him.

Republican challenger, Brian Belcher, won a District-Two County Commission seat over democratic incumbent, Angeli Sharon Smith, by a narrow margin of 205-190.

Schley’s voters overwhelmingly opposed the proposed Amendment One, helping to defeat the measure with 66.67 percent of voters casting their ballots in opposition.

80.84 percent of Schley’s voters voted in favor of the proposed Amendment Two, while 58.49 percent of the county voted in favor of Amendment Three. 77.39 percent of the county’s voters cast ballots in support of Amendment Four.