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Published 12:30 pm Saturday, December 3, 2016

Who was it?
In the past two weeks I have had two dear friends deal with the heartache of having their four legged pets hit by cars. The first one was a small size boxer dog who survived the hit but spent time at the vets for tests to make sure he didn’t have internal injuries. He was stunned for a while but, thank goodness, is doing well. Who hit him? We don’t know. It was a residential street but the driver was going too fast to catch him. He/she just kept on going! The owner was standing right there calling to the dog but no effort was made by the driver to say I am sorry, can I take him to your vet—nothing! Then, two nights ago, a small dog was hit on Hwy 27 E about 10 PM. Sally didn’t survive that hit. But if you had looked over your shoulder you would have seen her 92-year-old owner standing in the driveway in his bathrobe calling his little dog, Sally. But it seems that you were in too much of a hurry to stop or even move her to the side of the road. You might read this and say that pets should be on a leash and you are right!
But dogs and cats and squirrels and deer don’t understand what children have to learn about crossing the street. And they don’t understand that not all drivers follow speed limits and are not able to stop when necessary.    I want to believe that we are better than this. I want to believe that we all care about people and pets and laws of decency.
May I take another line to express my gratitude On behalf of Sally’s owner to the 3 men who brought Sally off the street and buried her in a place where the owner can look out his window and see her grave. To Paul, Arron and the next-door neighbor, Mike, God bless you for your assist— you represent what I want to think all citizens of Americus represent—concern for others.
Maureen Turner

Visitor appreciates all the help
On Nov 19th the Crisp County Recreation Department 12u All Stars played their first round in the Turkey Bowl in Tifton against Sumter Co. It started like any other game and the teams were playing some fierce football on Field 1 at the Friendly City ball park. Beginning of the 4th quarter the unthinkable happened… While sitting on the stands I see my son laying on the field not getting up. The referees motioned for our coaches then they motioned toward the stands. I ran to where they were and immediately noticed my son’s lower leg was turned the opposite of his upper leg. Everything then became a blurr. I remember people everywhere. I remember the scissors cutting his laces then his sock….his leg twisted. They were wrapping and talking and Jaylyn just laying there calm. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE was there to help. There to hug, there to pray. These were not all “our” people….these were strangers. All these people were there to help my son. They put him on a ‘board’ and we waited for the ambulance. The ambulance pulled on the field and as they loaded my 12 year old baby up, both teams came together clapping to cheer Jaylyn on and we headed to the hospital. I knew he would have to have surgery. Arrival to the er, we were faced with the reality that surgery would be almost immediate. Jaylyn had broken his fibula and tibia in two. But we were so BLESSED! On Monday, Coach Harris from Sumter Co. called to check on Jaylyn. I told him that “yall are teaching your boys right.” Even during a strong competition, the Sumter County coaches and team came together with our coaches and team to help and do what needed to be done. To see all the boys side by side clapping while they loaded Jaylyn in the ambulance was really heartwarming. I’ll never forget it or the way I felt seeing it.
GOD bless you all!
Nikki and Jaylyn Weitman