Your opinion: March 29, 2017

Published 2:30 pm Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Appreciates help of local people
As the parent of a college student at Georgia Southwestern State University, I would like to thank several people from the community. Recently my daughter’s cell phone was taken at a local store in Americus. She reported it missing at the register, but no one had returned it. She was very mature handling the situation and immediately went to the local Verizon. She was assisted by a Verizon representative named Zee.
She called me (over 150 miles away) to let me know what happened. The kind man helping her spoke with me, giving me his contact number and assured me that he would help her all that he could. I was totally expecting for the phone to be canceled and we would be purchasing a new one. To my surprise, this young man assisted my daughter by calling the police and helped the law track the phone. Gunn and Goodall were the Americus cops, and Rodgers from Preston assisted.
The phone traveled across county lines where it was eventually recovered in Webster County. I would like to thank all involved. These acts of kindness will never be forgotten.
Ronda Sauls