GBI announces recruitment of forensic pathology fellows

Published 4:20 pm Wednesday, May 17, 2017

DECATUR — On April 11, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Medical Examiner’s Office (GBI ME) after receiving approval from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), announced the recruitment efforts for two forensic pathology fellows. This announcement was made possible because the Georgia legislature approved funding in the GBI’s FY ’18 budget to host the fellows. The fellowship opportunity will recur each year and the agency is looking forward to begin staffing new fellows.
A forensic pathology fellow is a licensed medical doctor who has already completed the general pathology training and interested in sub-specializing in forensic pathology. Approval from ACGME illustrates that the GBI ME’s Office is well respected in the country and a premier provider of service to the community.
This fellowship opportunity will be held in conjunction with Augusta State University and aid in the recruitment and retention of well-trained forensic pathologists to keep the agency up to par with the growing population of the state. Under direct supervision of board certified forensic pathologists, the fellows will perform autopsies and postmortem examinations to determine cause and manner of death and testify in court when called upon.
The GBI is the perfect location to train future generations of forensic pathologists with the ME’s office located in a fully accredited lab containing all the forensic disciplines. The GBI ME’s Office provides complete forensic pathology services to 153 of Georgia’s 159 counties in deaths which qualify as coroner cases under the Georgia Death Investigation Act. GBI’s Medical Examiner System is comprised of 13 forensic pathologists and 24 death investigation specialists.