Printing error found in outgoing diplomas; printer to mail out corrected documents

Published 1:57 pm Monday, May 22, 2017


AMERICUS – An apparent printing error was discovered in a group of high school diplomas, distributed to students graduating from Americus-Sumter High School on May 19.

Spud Bowen, a representative of the Herff Jones Company’s Tifton branch, which printed the documents, contacted the Americus Times-Recorder on Monday morning.

Bowen told the Times-Recorder that the company intends to rectify the situation by mailing corrected diplomas to the school’s graduating seniors.

“It was our fault,” Jones said. “We didn’t catch it. It wasn’t anybody in the school system’s fault.”

He stated that the correct diplomas are scheduled to be mailed out on Thursday and should be at their respective destinations by the middle of next week.

He went on to say that, in 38 years in the business, this is the first time that a mistake like this has been made by the company’s Tifton branch.