Real Estate Transactions: 5-24-17

Published 11:39 am Thursday, May 25, 2017

Real Estate

The following real estate transactions were recorded at the Sumter County Courthouse:
Katherine Birkel sold property at 1215 Hancock Drive, valued at $214,000, to Kathryn Moore.
Edwin Roquemore, Jr. sold property at 1917 Rose Avenue, valued at $129,000, to Michael Truitt.
Billie Prickett sold property at 852 Leslie Lamar Road, valued at $28,033, to Marshall Waller.
Thelma Smith sold property at 213 Sharon Circle, valued at $60,000, to Linda Walker.
Albert Rigsby sold property at 294 Bob Hale Road, valued at $33,500, to Gary Underwood Properties and Investments, LLC.
New Horizons Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sumter County sold property at 131 Hosannah Circle, valued at $45,000, to Trissa Mable.
Linda Cobb sold property at 106 Kemp Street, Leslie, valued at $58,000, to Joseph Rahmberg.
Stephanie Dunn sold property at 188 Pheasant Drive, valued at $122,500, to James Yarbrough.
Alley-Cat’s Service and Sales, Inc. sold property at 810 Young Mill Road, valued at $50,000, to Joseph Waller.
Billy Bailey sold property at 117 First Street, valued at $15,000, to Demory McBee.
Judy Bailey sold property at Lot 41 Lazy Pines, valued at $15,000, to Demory McBee.
Claude A. Frazier, Trustee sold property at 2004 Armory Drive, valued at $95,000, to Shirley Kendrick.
Sue James sold property at 409 Judy Lane, valued at $140,000, to Justin Walton.
The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development sold property at 824 McMath Mill Road, valued at $23,250, to Geo-Tex Investments, Inc.
The Timber Group, LLC sold property in Sumter County, valued at $14,000, to Heather Harris.
Yolanda Brown-Alexander sold property at 702 Hale Drive, valued at $32,500, to Harvey Claiborne.
Phillip Giddens sold property in Sumter County, valued at $2,400, to Chad Crook.
Larry Stuckey sold property at 313 Freeman Street, valued at $35,000, to Christopher Wooden.
Chris Stembridge sold property at 443 New Bending Road, valued at $50,000, to Chelsey Smarr.
Dan Secor sold property in Sumter County, valued at $70,200, to Brian Secor.
Clyde Hill Jr. sold property at 1918 Upper River Road, valued at $118,000, to Courtney Hardin.
John Donovan sold property at 526 Old Andersonville Road, valued at $75,000, to Willie Drains III.
The Bank of New York Mellon sold property in Sumter County, valued at $78,400, to David Lowell.
Pine Ridge Investments, LLC sold property at 400 GA Highway 27 E., valued at $465,000, to Gatewood Buildings, LLC.
Jose Rodrigues-Franco sold property at 115 South Forty Circle, valued at $420,0000, to Oscar Lawrence Comer and Jane Little Comer.
Russell Taylor, Jr sold property at 308 Eckles Road, valued at $133,000, to Eric Williams.
Joseph Heaton sold property in Sumter County, valued at $2,600, to Lois Kelly.
Orin Perry sold property at 902 Park Row, valued at $25,000, to Fred Hodges, Jr.