Your opinion: May 31, 2017

Published 1:00 pm Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wants answers to              questions
It is with great interest that I have been following the posts by Mary Beth Bass regarding “re-branding” and such as is being planned by the organization that she is involved in. It is also with great interest that I will await answers to a few very specific questions that may help garner support for her efforts if the answers are satisfactory.
1. How much will this cost the taxpayer of Sumter County and Americus Georgia? Obviously, an honest best educated guess would have to suffice in the event this number has not been honestly and completely crunched.
2. On May 6th a piece was run in the Americus Times Recorder entitled, Mary Beth Bass — Homegrown Strategy: One community. One future. One Sumter. In this piece, Mary Beth Bass, presented Georgia Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Chris Clark’s position related to possible needs here in Americus/Sumter County. Specifically she held that “He emphasized the need for communities to now take on the dual-strategy of focusing on talent development, poverty, race relationships, cultural diversity, healthcare, broadband infrastructure and connectivity, transportation, senior housing, adult and childhood literacy, and workforce development.” There are a number of catch phrases imbedded in this statement. For clarification’s sake, please elaborate on “race relationships”, “cultural diversity”, “healthcare” and “broadband infrastructure and connectivity”. What exactly are areas of concern regarding this points? Who, directly, will benefit from possibly more money being thrown at problems that are either nonexistent and/or are being financed already through the massive bureaucracy that is government at all levels.
3 What exactly is the goal of any attempts, on the part of the entities involved in the various endeavors outlined thus far by Mary Beth Bass, to impact “race relationships”, “cultural diversity” and, of particular interest, “broadband infrastructure and connectivity” and “transportation”?
I look forward to any and all response to these very basic questions. Hopefully, real solutions can be applied to real problems that have resulted in what Mary Beth Bass sees as a deterioration of quality of life here in Americus/Sumter County Georgia.
Robert Kite