Your opinion: June 14, 2017

Published 5:11 pm Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Contact your leaders today
It is time for you to contact your GOP U.S Senators now before laws are passed that will increase the amount of taxes that are taken out of your paycheck.
Currently, the U.S Senate is considering its proposal for health care reform. One issue that is being considered by Republican Senators is that of employer provided insurance. Specifically, the Empowering Patients First Act (S. 2519), cited as his “preference for replacement” by Georgia US Senator David Perdue, calls for “A limit is placed on the amount of an employer’s contribution to health coverage that can be excluded from the employee’s taxable income”.
The same proposed legislation calls for tax credits to be given those who do not pay taxes to begin with. This is plain and simple, nothing more than a continued redistribution of wealth from the working American taxpayer to others. The Republicans hold the majority in both Houses of the Legislature and they hold the Executive Office. It is time for them to use that mandate to fight for the American worker for a change.
Call, email or fax Senators David Perdue and Johnny Isakson today before we, the American taxpayer, get shafted again.
God Bless these rapidly dying United States of America.
Robert Kite
The “preference for replacement” quote is taken verbatim from an email that I received from David Perdue in response to my email to him regarding the above referenced topic. I have yet to hear directly from the office of Johnny Isakson.
Robert Kite