Your opinions: June 24, 2017

Published 1:00 pm Monday, June 26, 2017

Questions still  unanswered
A couple of weeks or more ago the ATR printed a letter to the editor that I had submitted regarding the “rebranding” of Sumter County. In that letter I asked some specific questions that have of yet gone without a clear reply. A response indicated that, yes, taxpayer dollars are being used to fund this questionably needed venture(s). Specifically, Mary Beth Bass responded that, ““With the exception of two municipalities, these are not taxpayer dollars”, and “The only portion of the branding efforts that are being funded through taxpayer support are those that are rightfully being invested in through the efforts of the City of Americus, the Americus-Sumter County Tourism Council, and its staff to enhance exposure of the brand, and our community, once the campaign is complete.”

Mary Beth Bass: The value of appreciative inquiry

We have been given no dollar amount on what this has cost local taxpayers thus far and what it is likely to cost taxpayers in the future. There were plenty of pretty words and such but as far as substantive responses to the questions are concerned, the response came up sorely lacking.
Robert Kite