GSW graduate, Kari Holloway, publishes second book

Published 1:57 pm Wednesday, July 12, 2017


AMERICUS — The anticipated second book in the Devil’s Playground series hits the shelves this month, as Kari Holloway releases “Cry of Gold” [].
A follow up to “Forgotten” [], Alex and Mira travel across North America on the trail of something that can teleport through the thickest, metal shielding, avoid tripping magical wards, and leaves high-tech security systems with a golden blur. If the missing artifacts were the only issue, guards have died without a trace of foul play.
Together the duo travel from Washington, D.C. to Dallas and finally Mexico City, each time getting closer, but the culprit isn’t what anyone expected.
Fantasy and paranormal collide as we move from werewolves and the typical tropes to a mystery exploring a far more complex world at the hands of a kitsune, a fox demon with deep roots seeped in Japanese lore.
A graduate of Lee County High School and Georgia Southwestern State University, Kari Holloway was known as the resident bookworm to teachers and classmates alike, and it is no surprise that she turned author.
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