Over 1 million pop tops collected for Ronald McDonald House Columbus

Published 11:07 am Wednesday, August 9, 2017

AMERICUS — His mission of helping others in need began in 2014. Learning of the sickness of a friend’s father, Kaylon Holt began collecting aluminum pop tops. He was going to donate the collection to help with medical expenses of this friend’s father. The father died from cancer and Holt asked what he could do with his collection. Along with his mentor, Mulkey McMichael, they researched the pop top collection of Ronald McDonald Houses. With a house in Columbus, contact was made to use them as a collection site.
The initial collection seemed slow. With contact and media promotion of his plan, soon there were 14 collection sites in Sumter, Schley and Marion counties. Additionally, individual citizens and organizations rallied to join Holt in helping others. Last week, Holt and McMichael delivered a total of 1,083,000 aluminum pops tops to Columbus.
“This shipment was so big that we had to take them in Mr. Mulkey’s truck. The Ronald McDonald House of Columbus is so nice to me. I wish everyone who had donated tops could enjoy the reception that we receive,” said Holt, the 25-year-old peer of Perry Wellness Center.
Long 0ime representative of Ronald McDonald House of Columbus, Melody Moran, told Holt that she was moving to Florida with her husband.
“This might be the last time that we meet. Kaylon has been such a part of our work at Columbus Ronald McDonald House, and I look for him to keep on collecting. He is the largest individual collector of pop tops for this office. I wish him continue success,” Moran said.
As Holy has delivered over 1 million pop tops to Columbus, citizens might think that he is tired of the project.
“I am not tired but want others to continue and help me as I pass 2 million. I got 5,000 on Monday, after our trip to Columbus. Thanks for all,” said Holt.