Your opinion: Aug. 12, 2017

Published 5:45 pm Monday, August 14, 2017

Chief Mark Scott, a true hero
Chief Mark Scott is a true hero in many minds with in the community.
The chief of police of Americus, Georgia, Chief Mark Scott said that the truth is the light.
During the eulogy of fallen officers Jody C. Smith, Chief Scott gave a very emotional acknowledgement at the end of his words of encouragements to the Smith family and the audience.
Chief Scott said that Sunday night after the dinner celebration of Officer Nicholas Smarr, that the manager over the food of the dinner celebration called and asked him a question.
Chief Scott said that the manager told him that we have an awful lot of food lefted over, and we are about the throw it all in the trash bins.
The manager went on to say, Chief Scott would it be alright with you and the Smarr family, if I called the other mother who lost a son, and offer her and her family some of this food before we throw it in the trash bins. I know this family Chief Scott, and they really could use the food “if”, you and the Smarr family don’t mind.
Chief Scott said, that he would call and talk to the mother or a leader in the Smarr family, and explain the situation concerning the food fully and completely.
Chief Scott said, that the Smarr family member responded with a heart of compassion for the other mother and her family, and she said yes, of course Chief Scott, if it is alright with you, it is certainly alright with us.
The audience did not instantly know how to respond to search an open hearted gesture of kindness under these circumstances.
However, as Chief Scott continue to speak, with a heart just over flowing with emotion and compassion.
Chief Scott went to say, three mothers lost three sons, and I believe that all three mothers hearts are broken right now, regardless of the chain of incidents that cause this to happen. All three mothers still loved their sons.
At this time the audience responded with a thrundress sound of approval and applause.
Chief Scott said, much, much, more with a very open heart feeled with compassion for the fallen officers, the respected families, the large community of law enforcement personal, and the entire West Central Georgia Region and beyond.
Now that was a very huge, huge, huge, good deed of kindness by Chief Scott and the Smarr family.
Chief Scott demonstrated the heart of a king of the Old Testament times of the Bible, who was gifted enough to apply wisdom over logic.
A leader who is in authority position is responsible for looking beyond the emotions, pain, hurt, and suffering of his people in all situations to seek the true nature of God to recognize some nuggets of goodness.
Divine revelation says it is this way, that every good gift and perfect gift comes from above.
God bless you, Chief Mark Scott, for a job well done, at both fallen officers and your eulogistic expressions.
Patricia Raven-Dixon