Sumter sheriff issues scam alert

Published 9:50 am Wednesday, September 13, 2017

AMERICUS — The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office has issued a warning about a new, local scam.
If you receive a phone call from someone who identifies themselves as Sheriff Pete Smith, Col. Eric Bryant, Judge Rucker Smith, Judge James Sizemore or Judge Jimmie Brown, or any other public official, be forewarned. This scammer will tell you that you have missed a court date or failed to report for jury duty and then informs you to send money or you will be arrested. The sheriff urges, “don’t do it!”
The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office has received several calls from citizens reporting that they had received such a call.
The sheriff said that law enforcement does not call citizens on the phone requesting money or threatening then with jail.
If you receive such a call, record the caller’s phone number and call the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office at 229-924-4094 to report the call.