Sisters Act Out

Published 3:19 pm Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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The Sisters Act was held at The Clarence Jordan Center on April 12th, 7 p.m. The act helped to raise money for the Fuller Center. An animatronic cat sat on a stand, a man raising a glass to it in salute as the audience began to form a large white room with wooden arches and a scattering of windows. A Fuller Center Banner declared their mission: “Building and restoring houses around the world with people in need, The Fuller Center seeks to follow the gospel of Jesus Christ with action- lifting families out of poverty by lifting them out of poverty housing.”

David Snell, president of the Fuller Center for Housing, addressed the audience, thanking Mark Simmons for lending the space and noting the presence of Linda Fuller, wife of the late Millard Fuller and namesake of The Center. He introduced the act, mentioning how he had wondered about their reception in an area that was predominately Baptist.

The Sisters Act Out Group are performers from Maryville Michigan who were friends and students growing up attending a Catholic School.

Ladies dressed in shinning habits and crosses took the stage, one with a guitar and another stationed at a keyboard. They sang about their experiences at Catholic School, and declared themselves the ruler-less fun nuns.

They sang a variety of songs that were silly, irreverent, and occasionally heartfelt. Toilet humor was occasionally employed, along with jokes about potentially realistic church bulletin typos. One actor claimed to have been a church secretary for four weeks.

They ended with a secular song that had been rewritten to express God’s love, talking about repentance and acceptance. “Our God loves you the way you are.”