Candidates for District 5 Americus

Published 10:02 am Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Kelvin W. Pless

Kelvin Pless

Kelvin W. Pless is a lifelong citizen of Americus; and a product of the Americus School system. I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree from Troy University. I am married to Deborah Johnson Pless; and employed with the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice and Sumter Broadcasting. I have served on the Sumter County Board of Education.
My goals are to extend integrity, governmental accountability, and a refreshing relationship with the citizens. I have been listening too many of our citizens concerns and I will make decisions that will consider the affects of all our citizens. Some feel that their interests are not being heard nor represented. I will be your representative. That is why my slogan is: “Your Town – Our Town – Come Alive!”
My experience in technical and statistical analysis will be applied to making challenging decisions. Having trending information speak for itself, for data driven decisions will lead to transparency. My decisions will be made with wisdom and integrity and without motives.
From my observation more attention is needed in District Five. District 5 is in need of support from our city government. Some specifics include expanded public safety, sanitation, transportation, and communication. I have the resources to distinguish and direct all citizen problems to the proper authorities.
As a contributor to the city as a whole, I will encourage the Mayor and City Council members to work as a team. We will need to be concern with the entire city not just our district. When considering the needs of all districts, we will work as one unit for successful outcomes.
Lastly, I will work to assure that our city employees have the best working environment and receive the opportunities to develop their skills.
I want the opportunity to serve Americus! Vote for me, Kelvin W. Pless!

Shirley Green Reese

Shirley Green Reese

For the last four years, I had the privilege to serve as your representative for the District 5 seat on the Americus’ City Council. Now, I am seeking your VOTE and support for another 4-year term.
Throughout the last four years, I stayed true to my 2014 campaign promises and, I fought hard for a more effective, transparent and accessible government, in addition to promoting several policies that will improve the quality of life for taxpayers throughout District 5 and the City of Americus.
Some of the improvements we have made during my tenure on the City Council are: the completion of level I Finance Officer Certification; upgrading the Sensus Software for utility billing; implementing the Land Bank Authority and Family Connection; increased shop productivity by 200%; resurfaced six streets and ten more streets in the second round of resurfacing; renovated 13 water waste lift stations; upgraded the city parks; improved Easter Morning and Elm Avenue area Storm water drainage; reduced staff shortage in the Police Department; purchased laptops and printers for all patrol cars; reduced our crime numbers for the first six months in 2017; established a robust health and wellness incentive-based program for employees; established an automatic aid agreement with the Sumter County Fire Department and many more improvements accomplished throughout the city. I believe there is still work to be done. This is the primary reason why I have decided to seek another term. I love this community, and I have discovered that been in office does make a difference for District 5.
My campaign is about commitment, collaboration, communication and a voice for the people of District 5. I must admit that progress have been made during my four years in office.  I would like to continue making a difference for four more years. Vote & Re-Elect Dr. Shirley Green-Reese, City Council, District 5.
Thank you!