Georgia state parks launch new rewards card program

Published 2:35 pm Wednesday, January 31, 2018

ATLANTA — Strap on the hiking boots and start the new year off on the right foot by earning reward points through Georgia State Parks & Historic Site’s new Rewards Card Program. Starting Jan. 1, state parks guests are eligible to reap the benefits from reserving accommodations, shelters and many other facilities at most Georgia State Parks, all while savoring the family time spent hiking, exploring, and reconnecting around a campfire in Georgia’s great outdoors.

Guests can get ready to earn big, and have fun while doing so. Those who sign up for the new Rewards Card Program will receive 10 points for every dollar that is spent on overnight accommodations, day-use facilities and other reservable items at a number of state park locations. Visitors will begin earning points on new reservations as soon as they are enrolled in the program and present their card.

Once accumulated, points can be redeemed for free overnight stays, group shelters and many other facilities at most state parks. Guests have freedom over when they would like to use their points and can use them as they earn them, or save them up for higher rewards or a longer stay. Rewards vary depending on the number of points customers have earned and include anything from a group shelter rental to a free night stay in a yurt.

Guests can sign up for the new rewards program at any park office. Upon joining the new rewards card program, guests will receive one card and two keychain tags for the household.
Visitors who were previously part of the RV & GeoCamping Program need not to worry about losing benefits. Customers will have one year from Dec. 31, 2017, until Dec. 31, 2018, to redeem their brochures and free nights. For all details regarding the new Rewards Card Program, visit