Area beat: 2-7-18

Published 3:47 pm Thursday, February 8, 2018

Americus Fire & Emergency Services

• Firefighters responded to nine calls for medical assistance.
• Firefighters responded to a traffic accident at West Forsyth Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.
• Firefighters responded to an alarm on Lonnie Lane. They observed steam coming from the roof, which was caused by hot water being left on.
• Firefighters responded to traffic accident on U.S. Highway 19 South.
• Firefighters responded to Burger King, 922 E. Lamar St. to a structure fire. The manager told them employees had observed sparks and smoke coming from a vent above the drive-thru window. They found that one of the vent fans on the roof was overheated.
• Firefighters responded to Sharon Circle to a burn complaint. They found a small pile of leave smoldering in a back yard. They advised the homeowner of the city’s no-burn policy.
• Firefighters responded to Ga. Highway 30 to a report of a wild land fire. They found a tree on fire and extinguished it.

Americus Police Department

• Abraham Lincoln Baker. 38, of Macon; parold violation; jailed. (Dec. 21)
• Keeshon R. Bridges, 22, no address provided; criminal trespass. (December 2017)
• Robert J. Dawson Jr., 30, no address provided; enticing a child for indecent purposes. (December 2017)
• Brandon S. Devane, 32, of 131 Georgia Forestry Road, Americus; obstruction of law enforcement officer and disorderly conduct; jailed. (Dec. 20)
• Drexel J. Tucker, 34, no address provided; driving while license is suspended or revoked. (December 2017)
• James E. Walker, 18, of 900 Magnolia St., Americus; entering auto with intent to commit theft or felony; jailed. (December 2017)
• Alvin C. Whelchel, 30, no address provided; expired registration, failure to stop at stop sign and DUI. (December 2017)

• Lamari C. Edwards of 132 Laurel Circle, Americus; failure to yield when entering or crossing roadway. (October 2017)
• Wayne C. Exley of 1902 Armory Drive, Americus; colliding with a fixed object.
• James W. Harris of 250 Forest Park Road, Americus; improper left or right turn. (October 2017)
• Beulah M. Jackson of 610 S. Hampton St., Americus; failure to obey traffic control device and expired license. (December 2017)
• Eddie C. Jowers of 4860 Ga. Highway 41, Preston; failure to yield after stopping at a stop sign. (October 2017)
• Deric N. Norman of Atlanta; no proof of insurance. (December 2017)
• Samantha Payne of 213 Horne St., Americus; failure to maintain lane. (October 2017)
• Gillis E. Ralls of Evergreen, Ala.; improper lane change. (October 2017)
• Mariah Walker of 1130 Felder St., Apt. 14-A, Americus; failure to maintain lane. (October 2017)
• Belinda A. Wilson of 6543 U.S. Highway 19 South, Americus; following too closely. (October 2017)

Plains Police Department

• Jetona L. Stuckett, 35, of 212-B Thomas St., Plains; aggravated assault, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct; jailed. (Dec. 20)

Sumter County Sheriff’s Office

• Darian D. Barker, 23, of 114 Garden Lane, Americus; probation violation; jailed. (Dec. 18)
• Shari E. Belcher, 50, of Motel 6, Room 115, Americus; possession of a Schedule I Controlled Substance and failure to appear in court for finger printable charge; jailed. (Dec. 19)
• Dcorey Fulton, 18, of Stone Mountain; criminal interference with government property; jailed. (Dec. 21)
• Tavares M. Jones, 40, of 311 McCoy St., Americus; felony failure to appear in court for finger printable charge; jailed. (Dec. 18)
• Henry Snipes, 41, of 303 Glessner St., Apt. 65, Americus; aggravated assault and third-degree cruelty to children; jailed. (Dec. 18)
• Douglas T. Tatum, 18, of 139 Easy St., Americus; entering auto or other motor vehicle with intent to commit theft or felony criminal trespass; jailed. (Dec. 13)

• James Hollis, 73, of Box Springs; speeding. (Dec. 20)
• Tiffany L. Hutchinson, 24, of 757 Concord Church Road, Ellaville; child restraint violation. (Dec. 18)
• William Z. Martin, 21, of Ideal; speeding. (Dec. 21)
• James W. Mims, 18, of Reynolds; speeding. (Dec. 18)
• William J. Pough, 58, of 122 Floyd Story Court, Buena Vista; driving while license is suspended or revoked. (Dec. 18)
• Lisa M. Reynolds, 27, of 164 Briarpatch Circle, Americus; failure to obey stop sign. (Dec. 18)
• John L. Thomas, 23, of Box Springs; speeding. Dec. 20)