Mike Cheokas announces campaign for State House District 138

Published 10:37 am Monday, March 12, 2018

AMERICUS — Mike Cheokas has announced he will run for State Representative in District 138, with the promise to bring back a “Finish the Drill” plan of action, especially when meeting the needs and concerns of our families in Southwest Georgia.
“I was honored to serve the people of this community for 12 years in the State House, but for the last year I have been an outsider to politics. During this time, I caught my breath and this time away from Atlanta made me a better husband, father, business owner, and a man of God.
“Being an outsider to politics also gave me the opportunity to talk one-on-one with my neighbors, friends, and community leaders from all walks of life to understand what they expect from their public servants, and our current Representative isn’t it! Last year, big promises were made about delivering jobs and solutions for rural healthcare, but many hardworking Georgians are still unemployed or underemployed, we haven’t seen new jobs and our hospitals are still struggling. Our community is also NOT being treated as a priority for funding in the budget process. Millions of dollars were left on the table.
“I am running to serve you again in the State House so I can fight tooth and nail for our community — for new and better jobs, rural broadband, stronger hospitals, world-class schools, better opportunities for our teachers, and projects that benefit us — not Atlanta. Our children deserve a safe, first-class education from public schools that prepare students for college and provide the technical skills for career readiness. This will reduce our dropout rate and create a quality labor force to attract industry. I have a proven record of vigorously fighting and delivering for our community. I will again work to make our community a priority in Atlanta just as I did in securing funding for the Health and Sciences Complex at Georgia Southwestern, the Automotive Complex at South Georgia Tech, the improvements at Jimmy Carter Regional Airport and our public schools. I promise to ‘Finish the Drill’ and get things done in Sumter, Schley, Marion and Chattahoochee counties. Thank you and God bless.”