Sorority recognized by city

Published 3:07 pm Monday, March 26, 2018

By Ken Gustafson

AMERICUS – The Americus mayor and council held the monthly meeting Thursday at the Russell R. Thomas Public Safety Building.
Council member Nelson Brown invited Rick Hamilton, 910 Cypress Drive, to serve as the March Honorary Council member. “I’m just glad that you thought about me and I’m glad to be here to join you all,” Hamilton told the council.
Terrell Templin, chairman of the Americus-Sumter County Airport Authority gave an update. He first thanked Mayor Barry Blount, City Manager Steve Kennedy and city council. He especially expressed thanks to Councilman Lou Chase because she is a member of the Airport Authority. Templin told the council about recent death of Frankie Williams. “Mr. Williams managed the airport for over 30 years and he leased space from the authority for that time to run his business: Southerfield Aviation,” Templin said. “We had a contract with Southerfield Aviation as opposed to Frankie Williams personally, so the contract to administer the airport survives, but it’s difficult, if not impossible, to replace Mr. Williams.” Templin said that Williams’ wife Stephanie has taken on the responsibility of managing the airport, and mentioned that she has the necessary experience need to do so. He also said that Southerfield Aviation is a vital contributor to the economy of Sumter County. “They have 11 full-time employees and an annual payroll of approximately $700,000,” Templin said, adding that a recent audit was done and the audit showed that the assets of the airport at about $7.5 million.
Councilman Brown told Templin that he and Frankie Williams served together in Vietnam, and that when their paths crossed, they would always talk about their times during the war.
Councilman Chase told Templin that the airport would not be able to function as well as it has without the current leadership. She thanked Templin for all the work that they have done.
The mayor recognized members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. (AKA). They were presented with an award for their project for cleaning up Brookdale Park. Blount thanked the AKA for their hard work on cleaning up the park and providing a safe place for children to play. A member of the AKA, Rayetta Volley addressed the mayor, city manager and the council. She told them that they appreciate all of them for partnering with the AKA on this project. She said that promises were made and that promises were kept. She expressed to the council that she hoped that they would continue to partner with the AKA. The AKA representatives brought children to the meeting. Volley told the council that the children helped join the project and like to “run around on the basketball court.” She went on to say that they want to keep the park clean for them. One of the children, Trenton Floyd, addressed the council. “I just want to say thank you to the city and to the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority for giving us this park so we can play and enjoy ourselves,” Floyd said.
Next on the agenda Jeryl Pinnell Jr. had requested to address the mayor and council concerning the paving of Columbia Avenue. Pinnell expressed his concern that Columbia Avenue needs to be repaved. The mayor told Pinnell that the street is on the list to be resurfaced at some point in time, but that there are other streets in worse shape. “Unfortunately, Columbia Avenue is not the worst street in the city of Americus,” Blount told Pinnell. “We are trying to prioritize the streets that are in worse shape than Columbia Avenue to be resurfaced.”
Next on the agenda was approving a resolution authorizing the execution and delivery of a quitclaim deed in connection with a previously abandoned roadway. That resolution was approved unanimously.
Up next was the consideration for a second and final reading of an amendment to the 2017 Budget Ordinance. Diadra Powell addressed the council. “The first section is for the general fund and it lists the departments and the original budget, the amended budget and the differences,” Powell told the council. “The net difference in the general fund after the amendment is still good. The budget will still be the same as it was originally adopted.”
There was also a policy approval of the Rural Public Transportation Vehicle Preventative Maintenance Policy and Procedures document. The City Manager recommended its approval and it was approved.