Rehabilitation of the Americus Colored Hospital Building into Americus-Sumter County Civil Rights and Cultural Center Planned

Published 12:59 pm Monday, February 26, 2024

By The Americus-Sumter County Movement Remembered Committee, Inc.

The long-awaited construction and rehabilitation of the Americus Colored Hospital building at the corner of S. Jackson and J.R. Campbell Streets is scheduled to begin. Recently, ASCMRC members Carolyn De Loatch, Bob Fuse, Tiena Fletcher and Juanita Wilson supervised a site visit at the historic facility which from 1923 to 1953, served as the only hospital in South Georgia that treated black patients while training African American physicians, dentists, nurses and midwives. They met with our new architectural team of Lord, Aeck and Sargent, of Atlanta to tour the facility and approve the first phase of the rehabilitation. This architectural firm is presently conducting the rehabilitation of several downtown buildings directly across the street from the historic Windsor Hotel on Lamar Street. This significant re-set for the ASCMRC, follows a difficult time-consuming period for the committee and the project that experienced repeated missed deadlines and a general lack of responsiveness by the previous architectural team.
Now with the new team on board to manage the construction, our excitement is again infused with confidence and enthusiasm that the first phase of construction that includes stabilization of the 100-year old foundation, will begin. We are now on track to have a construction trailer on site with workers ready to begin construction by early April. We are also pleased to announce that the same architectural team will be working to restore the historic Campbell Chapel AME Church as well. With both historic structures sharing the same corner north of the downtown corridor, the community can expect the emergence of two magnificent, restored structures that will once again serve the African American community, both locally and throughout Southwest Georgia.
The ASCMRC wishes to thank the community for its patience and understanding during the repeated delays in getting this project underway. On January 27, the ASCMRC held a Committee Retreat at the Americus Municipal Building (see photos). Committee member and Tourism Director, Nicole Thurston provided space for our day-long summit, designed to identify challenges as well as establish priorities and action planning. A major priority of our mission is to immediately expand and build the membership of the organization. That said, the ASCMRC asks the community to become part of this initiative to help move the project to fruition. There is a critical need for younger activists and community leaders, entrepreneurs, civic and social organizational leaders to join us. A special need is for website and social media management. Your ideas, talents, skills and expertise are greatly needed to create a lasting space that houses the illustrious history of the Americus Civil Rights Movement and the rich African American family History of Sumter County and Southwest Georgia. These Retreat/Summits will continue as we all navigate the rehabilitation project forward and visualize a fully restored facility that will become the Americus-Sumter County Civil Rights and Cultural Center.
While the ASCMRC continues to apply for and receive funds from the National Park Service African American Civil Rights Preservation Fund, use of its funding is limited. They can only be applied to the building’s construction. Additional funds are being raised through community support, that will offset the cost of furnishings, an amphitheater, audio-visual equipment, classrooms, library and banquet room, etc.
For information on how you may join or contribute, please visit our website at or contact ASCMRC Membership Coordinator, Juanita Wilson at (229)942-4204, or ASCMRC Chairman, Sam Mahone at (404)781-5459,