Leila Case: Never be a quitter is good advice

Published 2:56 pm Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The big yellow busses will begin rumbling down the streets, highways and byways heading toward another year of school and signaling the end of summer break for students and teachers. Where did the time go? I can attest as can everyone else that time flies, especially when you’re having fun.
And it’s time to shop for school supplies but while you and your young charges are making selections why not pick up doubles to donate to those who are unable to purchase the necessary items. The supplies can be dropped off at any number of designated places all over town. Take you children along — it gives them the opportunity to realize it’s better to give then receive.
On another subject if you’re aren’t aware already, is that I love politics. I have never been personally involved except to allow political candidates to place yard signs on our lawn. I’ve made phone calls on their behalf and once did a TV commercial. Years ago, in Athens, I did a radio spot, an experience that hooked me on the world of politics, which I find exciting. Covering Jimmy Carter during the years before and after he was elected president was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Oh, the people I met and the places I went.
At present, we’re in another election year and local and state elected offices are up for grabs. With the state run-off election just behind us we’re heading toward the general election in November that promises to be exciting. Stay informed about candidates seeking office so you can vote your convictions. It’s the patriotic thing to do.
Who has bragging rights? Everyone does but when you’re on the receiving end, it’s sometimes boring to hear about what “so-in-so” has achieved or is about to. Your eyes begin to glaze over. So, if you want to tune out or stop reading, it’s OK, because I’m putting on my bragging hat.
I’m proud of our three grown children whose father insisted they finish what they started. He taught them to never be a quitter but was very subtle in his approach and advised them to think it over before settling on a final decision like dropping a college course or quitting a sports team. Thankfully they persevered and they were always glad. Now they have passed this advice on to their children — my grandchildren — of whom I’m very proud.
Therefore, with all the pride of a grandmother, our Caroline Herndon, who graduated GSW’s School of Nursing last May with the bachelor of science in nursing, continued to burn the midnight oil and worked hard to prepare for the tough national nursing examination. She passed and like her cousin Beau Barrett, CPA, has letters behind her name. Today Caroline Herndon, RN, BSN is moving to Marietta and WellStar Kennestone Hospital where she’ll care for oncology patients.
Congratulations as well to Angie Southwell Kauffman who graduated Columbus State University with the Ph.D. in education. She is the daughter of Paula Southwell of Americus.
Those enjoying end-of-summer beach trips are Elaine and Burton Thomas, their daughters and families John and Lydia Ann Fowler and sons, Thomas and Tillman Fowler, and John and Rachel Shealy and daughters, Mary Margaret and Burton Shealy. They spent a week at Mexico Beach on the Gulf along with Rufus and Debra Short, their children and grandchildren; Mary Ann and Nathan Hammack and daughters, Anna Gail and Libby Hammack vacationed at the beach as well as Crystal and Mark Waddell and family; Jeff and Terri Joiner and daughter Sydney were in Destin; Mark and Anne Barrett spent the weekend in Destin with her sister, Carla Sullivan and her husband David Sullivan; Beau Barrett enjoyed lobster fishing this week off the Florida Keys and as well as Miami; Phyllis and Larry Tucker of Leslie recently visited friends, Dick and Luella Pace, former Lake Blackshear residents, at their new home in Dacula and then traveled to Athens to visit with their son, Johnie and Laura Tucker; Steve and Sarah McLain and daughters, Courtney and Halley Minnix enjoyed fun and sun at Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island, Bahamas, British West Indies; Dee Hardin celebrated her birthday at lunch with Nancy Herron; John and Tiffany Dean and daughter Mary Catherine Dean are moving into their handsomely restored home, a charming craftsman’s bungalow on Hancock Drive; congratulations to John and Beth Carroll who recently celebrated their wedding anniversary; and Kathryn and Brent Moore along with Christie and Jay Umpleby enjoyed the recent “Hootie and the Blowfish” concert in Atlanta. And celebrating a birthday last week was Sybil Smith.

Leila Sisson Case lives in Americus.