Are you a small business Rockstar?

Published 2:18 pm Saturday, August 18, 2018

AMERICUS — Sumter County is home to many Rockstar businesses who meet the needs of our community and the world daily with products and services. The Sumter County Development has the pleasure of working with many Rockstar businesses, and endeavors to support their efforts to evolve and expand in meeting industry needs. Many times, we all take for granted what other communities would like to have, including our growing downtowns that are home to manufactures at Mobile Glassblowing Studies, seamstresses and designers a Tepuy Activewear, a tailor at George’s Menswear, a distiller at Thirteen Colony Distillers, and many others.
Additionally, outside of our downtowns, our larger manufactures produce products such as lighting fixtures from Eaton that are installed around the world, hand crafted custom fine furniture from Old Biscayne Designs that are in homes across the US, an array of architectural insulated units and custom tempered glass from Southern Wholesale Glass, as well as many more products and services. These are only a few of the Rockstar businesses and industries in Sumter County.
Each year, the Georgia Department of Economic Development and the Georgia Economic Developers Association team up to recognize the outstanding, unique and impactful small businesses in the state of Georgia. Small businesses are defined as a company that employs under 100 people, is Georgia-based, and a for-profit company. If you are Rockstar Business in Sumter County, we encourage you apply for the recognition, as the ability to promote our community, businesses and dedicated people who make it all happen is an important part of sustaining our viability and showing the world who we are. To apply, please visit, and applications are due Sept. 15.
For assistance or additional information, contact Barbara Grogan, executive director, Sumter County Development Authority, at 229-924-2646, or