Local firefighter raising money for Smarr-Smith Foundation

Published 9:51 am Wednesday, September 5, 2018

AMERICUS — Stevie Lowery, a firefighter with Americus Fire & Emergency Services, is helping to raise money to fund the causes of the Smarr-Smith Foundation. The foundation was established in memory of Americus Police Officer Nick Smarr and Georgia Southwestern State University Police Officer Jody Smith, who died in the line of duty in December 2016. The foundation funds scholarships for public safety students, and purchases much-needed equipment to support local law enforcement agencies.
Stevie Lowery said he came up with the idea of selling t-shirts and other items with the message “Hold the Line” made by Shield Republic, a public safety clothing and accessories company, to benefit the Smarr-Smith Foundation. He had seen where the company has done something similar for a Georgia State Patrol trooper who had been killed. He contacted the company and told them the story of Smarr and Smith, not only fellow law enforcement officers but best friends.
Shield Republic has agreed to design, print, and sell the t-shirts on their website and all of their social media avenues. Along with the shirts they also have 20 oz. tumblers or 32 oz. tumblers with the same design and or logo on it. The company will donate 100 percent net profits to the foundation.
“I do not want these officers’ lives or memories forgotten any time soon,” Lowery said. “I contacted all family members and places of employment before committing to anything to the company for the items for sale. They are grateful for me doing this for them.”