Nancy McMath Young: Sept. 5, 2018

Published 9:55 am Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Schley Family Connection meets
Schley County Family Connection met for its August meeting at the Thomas Edwin Wall Post 191American Legion.
John Greene, coordinator called the meeting to order, welcomed everyone and asked the blessing. A pizza lunch was served.
After the meal, John gave some highlights on what the Family Connection has done and is doing now. Each person that spoke and gave their report as introduced by John.
Adam Hathaway, Schley County Schools superintendent, gave updates on the schools. He said they had finished painting and repairing the elementary school. They added a new entranceway at the middle school. He said that safety is most important for all the children, and the state will providing more funding to keep the children safe.
State School Superintendent Richard Woods visited Schley County schools, donating 1,000 books. He announced that there was a first-grade child that read over a million words last year.
The school system will receive $88,000 for training for mental health.
Heather Hathaway, who teaches science at the high school has been made advisor for SADD at at school. She said that this SADD Program has to be approved by the State of Georgia.
Cindy Hagerson, high school counselor, said that school started out real well and seems to be doing great.
Elaine Gillispie spoke on behalf of Congressman Sanford Bishop, giving a report and updates.
Nancy McMath Young gave a report on the upcoming historical society’s Auction on Sept. 15.
Stephen Woodson, Truancy officer gave his report and he said he enjoys working in Schley County.
Linda Adams told about the Smoke on the Square Barbecue Cook-Off on Oct. 20. The Schley Community Foundation is one of the sponsors for this event.
Gary Moore, Senior Health Benefits, said there are some more health benefits available through Medicare. He advised not to buy the Life Alert necklace because it’s available now through
Medicare. Check with Social Security.
Jim Outlaw spoke on the Labor Department working with veterans, and reported that some businesses are now hiring.
Eric Jackson the Region 8 Department Family Children and Children Services, spoke about the KINSHIP Program.
The next meeting will be on Sept. 27.

Kids 4 Christ meets at
Ellaville Methodist Church
Ellaville United Methodist Church has a children’s program called “Kid’s 4 Christ.” It meets each fall and spring.
On the first meeting, Aug.15, they had 39 children, and on Aug. 22, they had 31 attending.
They meet from 5:30-6:30 p.m. every Wednesday.
The Kids 4 Christ ministry is for children in the 5K through fifth grade.
They are served snacks, have play time and a short lesson on the life of Jesus. Members of the church volunteer to provide snacks and drinks, supervision and some even teach the lessons each week. The Rev. Jonathan Beckum uses various 12- week curriculia, and this fall’s is called “The Life of Jesus.” He said this has been an awesome ministry — not just for the children but for the adults who help as well.

Schley County Schools, 4-H back in full swing
Schley County Schools are back in session and the students will be coming home with information from the Schley County Extension 4-H Office.
Who is 4-H? This is a commonly asked question. Matt Murdoch is the agriculture agent and Brenda Welch is the secretary and 4-H Program assistant. The office is located in the courthouse. The phone number is 837-1180 and they are there to serve all of Schley County with various services, but a large part of the Extension is 4- H Program.
The mission of Georgia 4-H is to assist youth in acquiring knowledge, developing life skills, and forming attitudes that will enable the 4-H’ers to become self-directing, productive, and contributing members of society through hands-on learning experience focused on agriculture and environmental issues, agriculture awareness, leadership and communication skills, food and nutrition, health, energy conservation and citizenship, exploring and discovering, encouraging and challenging.
As a program of the University of Georgia College of Agriculture and Environmental Science, Cooperative Extension System 4-H is part of the nationwide extension network.
Any student in grades 5-12 are welcome to join in 4-H events.
4-H will be in class rooms once a month to give a presentation and also share information on upcoming events with the 4-H such as District Project Achievement (DPA). This is where you can learn how to prepare a project of your choice. make a speech, prepare a poster, and then present your project to a group of students in your same project area.
4-H Summer Camp is another popular event. Georgia 4-H has five camps to choose from located in different areas.
This past summer Schley County 4-H’ers camped at Wahsega 4-H Center in the North Georgia mountains. There were 33 Schley County fifth- and sixth-grade that attended for a week of fun. The 4-H program is also for home-schooled children. For more information call Brenda Welch at 937-1180 by calling the office.