Nancy M. Young: Sept. 29, 2018

Published 11:15 am Saturday, September 29, 2018

Schley Health board holds quarterly meeting
The Schley County Health Board held its quarterly meeting Sept. 19 in the Conference Room of the Schley County DFCS.
Nancy McMath Young called the meeting to order, and Dennis Jones opened with prayer.
Dr. Beverly Townsend, District director, introduced Asante Hilts, the new District program director, before giving her report.
Kristy Smith, Schley County Health nurse manager, presented her nursing report and reminded everyone to get their flu shot.
Lincoln Mitchell, with the Georgia Environmental Health Activity, gave his report. He warned citizens to beware of wild animals like foxes around children and pets.
Berta Cox gave the financial report.
Other board members in attendance were Larry Wall and Adam Hathaway.

Ellaville Council discusses new lights
The Ellaville Mayor and City Council, at the monthly meeting, discussed the progress they are making with the new streetlights which could help property owners with the cost of their insurance.
Lynne McChargue, city manager, reported on the new streetlights that will be installed soon on Gill Street. She said the streetlights in the city are being replace with LED lighting on a gradient basis.
She reported that the City street crew was busy this summer mowing grass, picking up limbs and more, and other work will be done soon.
The City has received a lower ISO rating recently, dropping from a 9.9 to a 7, which should result in a lower insurance costs for property owners. The ratings are based on many factors including quality of the fire department, location of water supply and hydrants, the city communication system and building codes, and building inspection process.
It was announced that Connie Hammack has qualified for the City Council seat vacated by Jason Hoch.

The winner of the quilt raffle at the Ellaville-Schley Historical Society auction and barbecue is Nancy Q. Young of Buena Vista, not Nancy McMath Young of Ellaville.