Gas and Ice: Hot commodities in short supply

Published 1:12 pm Friday, October 12, 2018

AMERICUS – in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, which came through Sumter County causing mainly power outages, many people are in need of two commodities that are in short supply: gas and ice.

Here is a list of stores and gas stations who either have or don’t have those two things. The Gas and Go, located on Highway 280 East, has both gas and ice. They have 8-lb. bags of ice that are selling for $1.65 a bag, including tax. Murphy Express, located at 1698 E. Lamar Street, they have gas but no ice. At the Flash Foods, located at the intersection of Crawford and West Forsyth, they have gas but no ice. The Flash Foods station at 1533 South Lee Street is closed until further notice.

As far as grocery stores are concerned, WAL-MART, Food Lion, Save-A-Lot and Harveys are all out of ice. WAL-MART says they are expecting a truck load of ice to come in sometime this afternoon. Food Lion is not sure when they will be getting more ice. Save-A-Lot says that their vendor has no power and is unable to deliver the ice, and Harveys says that while they have no ice, they are expecting a truck load to come in sometime this afternoon.

Dan Fair Express, located on Vienna Road on the far-eastern end of town, told the Americus Times-Recorder that while they have gas, they don’t have the power for customers to get access to it. They also have no ice. Super Shop, located at 311 Tripp Street, has gas but no ice.