Going cold turkey in Schley

Published 11:26 am Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Put down phones for meal
ELLAVILLE — Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.), a youth prevention group at Schley County Middle/High School, urges everyone to participate in “Going Cold Turkey” on Thanksgiving Day. “The program is a national initiative to put down electronics and show our gratitude for our family and friends this Thanksgiving Day, said Heather Hathaway, advisor for the group.
Please consider having all members of your family and friends to put away their cell phones and really enjoy each other’s company during this national day of thanks,” she added. S.A.D.D. is placing “Going Cold Turkey” posters around the school and on the school’s Facebook page.
A recent survey indicated that 80 percent of those surveyed think that holiday gatherings were more meaningful before smart phones. While half of those surveyed said that the most meaningful communication with family and friends takes place during meals, more than one third admitted to checking their phones at the Thanksgiving dinner table. That number doubled among millennials.
Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.) is funded by the Flint Energies Foundation through the Schley County Family Connection Collaborative.