Nancy McMath Young: Jan. 26, 2019

Published 12:50 pm Saturday, January 26, 2019

Ellaville Methodist Church board holds two special meetings
On Sunday, Jan. 13, the Ellaville United Methodist Church board held a Planning Session for 2019.The first meeting was held at 4 p.m. Man activities and special events members will be participating in this year as well as our regular activities were discussed.
After the session, those in attendance were served three different kinds of soup, sandwiches, crackers, pie, tea and coffee.
After supper, the board held its monthly meeting with Chairman
Carlton Wilson opening the meeting and the Rev. Haynes Martin having prayer.
Secretary Sarah Tondee gave her report, and Treasurer Johnny Wall gave his.
A number of special projects were discussed as well as the regular activities that the church is involved with.
Those in attendance for the meetings, addition to those mentioned above, were Sharon Wall, Carol Streetman, Marianne Phillips, Tyrus and Ann Gill, Fred Usry, Carlynn Kirby, Nancy McMath Young, Wayne and Nora Morrow, and Bobby Tondee.

Schley County CHEART members meet about pandemic flu planning
On Jan. 16, Schley County CHEART met for its quarterly meeting at the Schley County Courthouse.
Kristy Smith, Schley County Health nurse, called the meeting to order and Douglas Jamieson offered a prayer.
Kristy said that we most likely will have a very serious flu season. This meeting was to plan for a flu pandemic, what to expect, and more.
Kristy introduced Tamber Fuller with the Emergency Preparedness Program for the West Central Georgia Health District in Columbus. She serves as the training coordinator for this district. The state and the 16 counties in the district are in a very high risk of having a bad flu season this year, she said, passing out information on the flu.
There will be a weekly Influenza Surveillance Report that will will be prepared by the health district’s Flu Division. Flu activity estimates reported by state and territorial epidemiologists started on Jan. 5.
Everyone 6 months of age and older should have the Fflu vaccine with rare exceptions. The CDC recommends the
injectable flu vaccine, inactivated influenza vaccine (or llv) or the recombination influenza vaccine (RIV). There are certain vaccines or different ages.
The CDC has announced that there’s a new strain of flu this year, and that the flu vaccine won’t help as much. Antibiotics are only needed for treating infections caused by bacteria. Remember to wash your hands often and when you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth.
If you have lung problems, COPD, heart problems, blood disorders or anything else, be sure to see your doctor and wear a mask in public to protect yourself and others.
There were 22 people attending this special meeting.
For more information contact Kristy Smith at the Schley County Health Department or call 229-937-2208.

Ellaville City Council welcomes new member
During the January meeting of the Ellaville Mayor and City Council, new Council member Connie Hammack was welcomed, and was sworn into office by Schley County Probate Judge Mitzi Way.
Connie will serve for District 3 in the city. She replaces Jason Hock who moved out of town.

Nancy McMath Young lives in Ellaville.