Leila S. Case: Let’s dance to the change spring brings

Published 2:44 pm Saturday, March 9, 2019

Spring forward, move back sounds more like a dance step or perhaps a maneuver to prevent being crushed in an overcrowded elevator than the time of day instructions.
But it is what we all must do with our clocks. Daylight Savings Time is upon us, so don’t forget to set your clock up one hour before the time changes at 2 a.m. tomorrow; if you don’t you won’t be on time anywhere you go on Sunday.
It’s a technology miracle that the computer and other electronic gadgets like smart phones and watches and iPads have minds of their own and change the time automatically. Do they have a brain? If so, why can’t they chauffer you around or cook dinner? We even have vacuum cleaners that operate themselves. Wonder how they know the dust is under the bed?
And the six-week period of Lent has begun, the Christian season of the year leading to Easter Day celebrated this year on April 21. For many, the next 40 days will be like the last 40 days, full of commitments, routines, and lots of static such as eating cookies and ice cream. These, however, are nixed for now and are not on my daily indulgence list. We’re really not supposed to party hardy during Lent but I already know of some fun festivities that are planned like the third annual Hot Glass Craft Beer Festival Americus Main Street has scheduled for Saturday, April 6. I’ve missed the past two, but I’ll be there this year and look forward to the occasion, I hear it is so much fun. The glass-blowing demonstrations are always awesome to watch.
The 2019 Dogwood Antique Show and Sale, sponsored by the Town and Country Garden Club, is next weekend, March 15-17 at the Leslie Civic Center. This is a unique event featuring a multitude of vendors and a tearoom that is a cut above all tearooms. Everything on the menu is prepared by the club members, including the glorious cakes. So, come join me — and let’s browse and shop ‘till we drop. I promise the event is a great experience.
Sumter Historic Trust’s annual Spring Picnic last weekend was a huge success. A large and congenial crowd turned out for the event at the Trust’s headquarters, the Lee Council House, for an evening filled with a delicious low country boil and all the trimmings, a silent auction featuring a myriad of items donated by local merchants and citizens and dancing to the music of the Traveling Riverside Band — they were entertaining.
Hats off to James Edgemon, chairman, and his committee for organizing the successful event. Funds derived from the silent auction will be used for the Trust’s historic preservation efforts.
Besides the observance of Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday this week, Beth Alston and Carol Norton celebrated birthdays this week as well as Courtney Minnix, Rebecca McNeill, and her daughter, Lynn Anderson, Genie Horn Powell and Nancy Gaston.
We’ve had fickle weather all winter with temperature swings from warm to freezing and sunshine to mostly rain and scary tornado threats that saw many residents getting away from it all like Andy and Lori Shivers, Robert and Jennifer Parks and former residents Jerry and Ginger Perkins who enjoyed a Caribbean cruise, as well as Paul and Linda Degelmann and Dr. Jim and Nancy Herron, while Elise and Stick Miller had fun in Cuba. This weekend we look forward to a visit from my brother and sister-in-law, Beau and Olivia Sisson of Signal Mountain, Tenn.

Leila Sisson Case lives in Americus.