Times-Recorder offering new web advertising opportunity

Published 10:43 am Wednesday, April 10, 2019

By Beth Alston

AMERICUS — Your local news source, the Americus Times-Recorder, is now offering new targeted web advertising opportunities for businesses.
For example, if you’re shopping for an item, for instance, a mattress on sale. After you type mattresses on sale into your search engine, businesses will pop up again a couple of days later, advertising mattresses on sale.
Nichole Buchanan, the Times-Recorder’s business development manager, says, “For businesses, this method uses a blend of targeted tactics to reach potential customers shopping for their product or services at the right time in the buying process with digital targeted advertising.”
Employing multiple targeting tactics, this new opportunity will allow businesses to succeed in this technological era by providing them with the knowledge of who to target, when to target, and how. “Customers are moving targets,” Buchanan said. “They demand personalized experiences that meld into their daily habits and interests.”
With targeted digital advertising, the Times-Recorder has the ability to place a business’ display and video ads in front of people who have visited a business’ website, searched the internet using key words relevant to a business, read content related to a particular business’ products and services, to target customers who visit websites that are categorically relevant to the business or visit related locations around the world such as events, similar businesses, etc.
Another example: Someone wants to go camping, so they search the web for “camping” in the area of choice. For the next 30 days, if a business on this new plan sells tents, thermoses, or any type of camping gear, their digital display ad can be visible to those interested because of their search. “This makes it categorically relevant,” Buchanan said.
“As we meet with individual businesses, we will ask them about their customers, what their business goals are, and develop a plan to use targeted web advertising that will make their cash registers ring,” Buchanan added.
As part of the new plan, the Times-Recorder handles all the creative work, gets the ads placed on the web, and each month will provide analytical data based on views and impressions of the business’ display ad campaign. This gives local businesses a brand-new opportunity to speak to a vast audience, and not just anyone, but people looking for their particular products and services. “They will notice a difference in web traffic on their own websites and increased foot traffic in their stores, and increased sales,” Buchanan said.
For those interested, please call the Times-Recorder at 229-924-2751 and ask for Nichole Buchanan or Shawn Cavender.
“We’re very excited about this opportunity to help local businesses grow,” Beth Alston, Times-Recorder publisher and editor, said. “We believe it will bring a whole new level of success to every business in our area.”