Area beat: July 3, 2019

Published 11:29 am Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Americus Fire & Emergency Services


(June 27-July 2)

  • Firefighters responded to 23 calls for medical assistance.
  • Firefighters responded to a car fire on Tripp Street. They extinguished a fire in the engine compartment.
  • Firefighters responded to an alarm at Furlow Charter School. 63 Valley Drive. A construction crew supervisor advised they were cutting masonry, sheet rock and plywood and created dust that activated the alarm. No hazards were found.
  • Firefighters responded to a traffic accident on Tripp Street.
  • Firefighters responded to a report of wires down on Davenport Street. They found wires lying across the roadway and were told by a nearby resident that a truck had come through and hit the lines. They notified the phone company of the situation.
  • Firefighters responded to a traffic accident on Pecan Drive.
  • Firefighters responded to a traffic accident on Crawford Street.
  • Firefighters responded to Lonnie Lane to an alarm sounding on a water heater. They found a water level alarm activated due to water in the catch pan. They turned off the water and power and contacted maintenance.
  • Firefighters responded to Prince Street to a report of lines down. They found a low hanging phone line.
  • Firefighters responded to Willet Way to a report of a gas leak. The occupant told them she opened the door to where her water heater was located she smelled gas. The gas department was summoned and there was a faint odor at the scene. Detectors failed to pick up anything. Gas was shut off to the water heater. Gas department advised occupants not to stay there that night and to contact a plumber to try to find the source.
  • Firefighters responded to East Furlow Street to help Gold Star EMS to gain entry into a structure.


Americus Police Department



  • Paul A. Barringer, 58, of Auburn, Ala.; open container. (5-18-19)
  • De’Angelo A. Canady, 24, of 108 Peggyanne Drive, Americus; DUI and misdemeanor obstruction of law enforcement officers. (5-19-19)
  • Rosie M. Cole, 54, of 1005 N. Jackson St., Americus; reckless conduct. (5-19-19)
  • Michael P. Ellis, 35, of 186 Mitchell St., DeSoto; disorderly conduct. (5-19-19)
  • Kirklun T. Evans, 23, of 111 Daisy Drive, Americus; simple battery (Family Violence Act). (5-17-19)
  • Travin G. Harris, 23, of 133 Lake Ridge Drive, Americus; criminal trespass. (5-17-19)
  • Paula R. Johnson, 43, of 436 S. Lee St., Apt. 1-B, Americus; aggravated assault. (5-18-19)
  • Barrientos B. Mesino. 36, of 1214 Ridge St., Americus; misdemeanor driving without valid license. (5-17-19)
  • James T. Temples, 39, of Blakely; open container. (5-18-19)
  • Fonzell J. Tullis, 38, of 221-A W. Rock Hill Drive, Americus; misdemeanor driving while license is suspended or revoked. (5-17-19)
  • Kristian Wilborn, 19, of 127 Melody Lane, Americus; disorderly conduct. (5-19-19)
  • Shimere S. Wilborn, 18, of 127 Melody Lane, Americus; disorderly conduct. (5-19-19)
  • Nozine D. Wright, 46, of 1103 Parker St., Americus; disorderly conduct. (5-19-19)



Sumter County Sheriff’s Office



  • A 14-year-old was charged with being an unruly juvenile on Town Creek Circle. (6-26-19)
  • Amanda M. Polk, 26, of 392 Brown Road East, Ellaville; failure to report accident and duty in accidents involving injury to or death to a person or damage to property; jailed. (6-25-19)
  • Jamie T. Tyler, 33, of Vienna; misdemeanor failure to appear in court for finger printable charge; released on bond. (6-22-19)



  • Belmon Avila Belmontes, 24, of 541 E. Furlow St., Americus; expired or no driver’s license. (6-27-19)
  • Devin J. Brown, 21, of 607 Henrietta St., Lot B, Americus; improper backing and failure to have license on person. (6-27-19)
  • Kenneth Campbell, 36, of Forsyth; speeding. (6-23-19)
  • Justin D. Cladd, 24, of 618 Davenport St., Americus; speeding. (6-27-19)
  • Antonio D. Dowdell, 36, of 1403 Parker St., Americus; speeding. (6-23-19)
  • Javier M. Gaytan, 59, of LaBelle, Fla.; hands-free violation. (6-22-19)
  • Degas L. Fuller, 29, of 1016 Harrold Ave., Americus; improper passing in a no-passing zone. (6-26-19)
  • Tramine C. Harp, 36, of 720 Harris St., Apt. 29, Americus; failure to obey signs or control devices. (6-23-19)
  • Kolby McLemore, 19, of 533 U.S. Highway 280 West, Lot D, Americus; seat belt violation. (6-26-19)
  • Wilfredo V. Mendez, 18, of 217 E. 4th Ave., Buena Vista; failure to stop at a red light. (6-30-19)
  • Bernard L. Patterson, 50, of Moultrie; speeding. (6-28-19)
  • Donna F. Patterson, 56, of 413 Ga. Highway 45 North, Plains; speeding. (6-27-19)
  • Ethan J. Pritchard, 24, of 196 Howard Johnson Road, Americus; speeding. (6-28-19)
  • Laurel R. Savelli, 22, of Tifton; speeding. (6-26-19)
  • Teresa M. Shearer, 44, of 3786 Goolsby Road, Ellaville; window tint violation. (6-25-19)
  • Gregory J. Shingles, 22, of 120 Pecan Terrace, Americus; speeding. (6-28-19)
  • Shaquille R. Woods, 24, of 1015 Oglethorpe Ave., Americus; speeding. (6-27-19)


Webster County Sheriff’s Office



  • Masean M. Lovitt, 26, of Summerfield, N.C.; housing for Webster County. (6-20-19)