Area beat: Aug. 14, 2019

Published 10:56 am Thursday, August 15, 2019

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Americus Fire & Emergency Services


(Aug. 6-12)

  • Firefighters responded to 10 calls for medical assistance.
  • Firefighters responded to an alarm on Tom Hall Circle. Sumter County Fire & Rescue was already on site. There was an issue with the alarm. No hazards were found.
  • Firefighters responded to an alarm at Magnolia Manor, 2001 S. Lee St. They were advised by maintenance to disregard the alarm.
  • Firefighters responded to an alarm on East Jefferson St. No hazards were found. They responded again to an unintentional alarm.
  • Firefighters responded to a traffic accident on Rucker Street.
  • Firefighters responded to North Hunter Drive as automatic aid to Sumter County Fire & Rescue. It was caused by a malfunctioning smoke detector.
  • Firefighters responded to a report of a wildland fire on North Lee Street. They found a smoldering rubbish pile on the right of way, which they extinguished.
  • Firefighters responded to a grass fire on Academy Street. The found smoldering wood chips in the park and extinguished them.
  • Firefighters responded to a fire alarm at the Windsor Hotel, 125 W. Lamar St. It was activated by a crew spraying varnish.
  • Firefighters responded to a report of wires down on Kings Way. They found a low-hanging cable line that posed no hazard to occupants or structure.


Americus Police Department



  • Hakeem D. Barthell, 24, of 113-F Magnolia Court, Americus; misdemeanor driving while license is suspended or revoked. (7-19-19)
  • Ty’anna L. Bridges, 17, of 272 E. Rockhill Drive, Americus; criminal trespass; jailed. (7-15-19)
  • Michael B. Burton, 29, of 301-A Lower Five Points Road, Americus; theft by shoplifting. (7-25-19)
  • Christopher T. Enke, 18, of 1701 Maxwell St., Americus; battery and criminal trespass; jailed. (7-16-19)
  • Dawon Jordan, 26, of 104 Oak Crest Drive, Americus; obstruction of law enforcement officers, and seat belt violation. (7-19-19)
  • A 12-year-old juvenile on Sharon Drive was charged with terroristic threats and acts, and unruly. (7-18-19)
  • A 14-year-old juvenile on Academy Street was charged with reckless conduct. (7-13-19)
  • Raiheem R. Mathis, 18, of 118 Reddick St., Americus; aggravated assault, aggravated battery, and possession of firearm or knife during commission of or attempt to commit certain felonies; jailed. (7-16-19)
  • Kenkara C. Mercer, 23, of 916 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Lot 12, Americus; reckless and dangerous use of dangerous weapons. (7-21-19)
  • Torriano S. Mercer, 22, of 916.5 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Lot 4, Americus; misdemeanor possession of marijuana or drug-related object. (7-19-19)
  • Dontavious D. Oliver, 24, of 124 Jenkins Road, Americus; possession of drug-related objects, violation of headlight requirements, and misdemeanor possession of marijuana. (7-19-19)
  • Doris V. Pastor, 34, of 113 Ga. Highway 27 East, Apt. K1, Americus; failure to stop at a stop sign, and misdemeanor driving without a valid license. (7-16-19)
  • Loren N. Phillips, 22, of 320 Lakeshore Drive, Americus; misdemeanor possession of marijuana. (7-13-19)
  • Bobby Prince, 30, of 216-A Horton Drive, Americus; misdemeanor theft by taking; jailed. (7-17-19)
  • Eddie J. Reese, 33, of 715 Pine Ave., Americus; released on Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office. (7-16-19)
  • Tiana K. Reese, 22, of 109-B Bush Circle, Americus; driving without license on person. (7-19-19)
  • Matrica L. Thomas, 26, of 425 Three Bridges Road, Americus; possession of Schedule I Controlled Substance, and third-degree forgery. (7-25-19)
  • Latravious R. Waters, 22, of 701-A Harris St., Americus; probation violation; jailed. (7-17-19)
  • Webster J. Wright, 33, of 1319 Lafayette St., Americus; reckless and dangerous use of dangerous weapons. (7-19-19)

Georgia State Patrol Post 10, Americus



  • Leah R. Strong, 52, of 1781 Heath Road, Ellaville; DUI, open container, and speeding; released on bond. (7-17-19)



Sumter County Sheriff’s Office



  • Ja’heim S. Boone, 17, of 933-A Oglethorpe St., Americus; holding for domestic charges, and criminal interference with government property; jailed. (7-17-19)
  • Cornelius J. Hall, 31, of 120 Matt Hart Drive, Americus; financial transaction card theft and felony theft by taking; jailed. (7-15-19)
  • Jamie L. Harris, 34, of 259 Ga. Highway 49 South, Americus; terroristic threats and acts; jailed. (7-15-19)
  • Tonya D. Liggin, 52, of 515 N. Freeman Ave., Andersonville; disorderly conduct; jailed. (7-25-19)
  • Kassi N. McElroy, 34, of 3495 McMickle Road, Buena Vista; obtaining/attempting to obtain dangerous drugs by fraud/forgery/or concealment of fact, and acquire or obtain/possession of controlled substance by misrepresentation/fraud/forgery/deception; released on bond. (7-17-19)
  • Jyquavious M. Pitts, 18, of 234 Academy St., Americus; reckless conduct, aggravated assault, terroristic threats and acts, and obstruction of law enforcement officers; released on bond. (7-15-19)
  • Paul D. Strozier, 21, of Ellerslie; holding for Harris County Sheriff’s Office. (7-25-19)
  • James D. Taylor, 39, of 114 Bozeman Circle, Americus; aggravated assault and failure to report an accident; jailed. (7-17-19)
  • Corey J. Walters, 27, of 308 W. Hill St., Americus; simple battery; released on bond. (7-17-19)



  • Mariana S. Batchelor, 27, of Warner Robins; speeding. (8-8-19)
  • Kimberly M. Gilbert, 39, of 687 Flintside Drive, Cobb; failure to obey stop sign. (8-7-19)
  • Andres J. Gonzalez, 25, of 303 Grover Drive, Americus; speeding. (8-9-19)
  • Shea W. Harrell, 31, of Leesburg; speeding. (8-6-19)
  • James E. Hendon, 73, of Box Springs; passing a school bus while loading/unloading. (8-8-19)
  • Chance N. King, 22, of 166 Jimmy Wolfe Drive, Americus; driving while unlicensed. (8-9-19)
  • Christian R. Laster, 24, of 122 Melody Lane, Americus, speeding. (8-9-19)
  • Bernice L. Lyles, 33, of 900 Southwestern Circle, Apt. 505, Americus; speeding. (8-10-19)
  • Brian T. McDowell, 41, of Cordele; speeding. (8-9-19)
  • Audrey F. Mercer, 18, of Cordele; speeding. (8-9-19)
  • Travis L. Moore, 37, of 104 Bill Cross St., Americus; speeding. (8-8-19)
  • Kaleah A. Peek, 24, of Leesburg; speeding. (8-6-19)
  • James F. Richardson, 69, of Columbus; violation of hands-free device. (8-9-19)
  • Juan G. Rodriguez Sales, 43, of Beaufort, S.C.; speeding. (8-8-19)
  • Joshua G. Smallwood, 20, of 719 Shiloh Road, Americus; violation of hands-free device. (8-10-19)
  • Anthony D. Thorpe, 36, of Elko; speeding. (8-1-19)
  • William B. Vann, 27, of 2014 Rose Ave., Americus; speeding. (7-25-19)
  • James D. Warren, 28, of 669 Burma Road, Andersonville; window tint violation. (8-3-19)
  • Jonathan A. Waters, 32, of 158 Lake Ridge Drive, Americus; speeding. (7-19-19)
  • Johnnie Wilborn, 65, of 216 E. Furlow St., Americus; knowingly driving motor vehicle on suspended, cancelled, or revoked registration. (7-25-19)
  • David Williams, 23, of Lithonia; speeding. (7-20-19)
  • Adrian D. Woods, 24, of 154-B County Road 361, Plains; speeding. (7-23-19)


Webster County Sheriff’s Office



  • Kimnesha T. Williams, 33, of Columbus; felony probation violation; jailed. (7-19-19)