Unofficial Election Results in Sumter County

Published 1:19 am Wednesday, November 4, 2020

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AMERICUS – Decision Day, or officially known as Election Day: The day Sumter County, the state of Georgia and the rest of the country have all been waiting for and anticipating.

It is the day that the people of Sumter County will choose who the next President of the United States will be. While that, of course, is of monumental importance, other more local races are more pertinent to the county and to Southwest Georgia, such as the race for Sumter County Sheriff, Chief Magistrate, GA House of Representatives District 138 and the race for the Georgia’s Second Congressional District.

In 2020, voter turnout in the county had been phenomenal, with at least 6,600 citizens of Sumter County casting their votes during the early voting period.

In 2016, 10,974 registered voters in Sumter County voted. This year, there are approximately 18,000 registered voters in the county and of those registered voters, 6,630 of them voted during the early voting period.

With all precincts reporting, these are the unofficial results


President of the United States                        Votes

Donald J. Trump (I) (Rep)                               5,346

Joseph R. Biden         (Dem)                             5,497

Jo Jorgensen               (Lib)                                   89

Total Votes                                                         10,932


US Senate (Purdue)                 percentage           votes

David Purdue   (R)                    49.38%               5,356

John Ossof        (D)                    49.23%               5,340

Shane Hazel     (L)                         1.38%                 150


US Senate (Loeffler) Special               Votes

Al Bartell (Ind)                                        47

Allen Buckley (Ind)                                13

Doug Collins (R)                                    2,561

John Fortuin (Green)                             22

Derrick Grayson (R)                                82

Michael T. Green (Ind)                           47

Annette D. Jackson (R)                          89

Deborah Jackson (D)                              749

Jamesia James (D)                                  175

A. Wayne Johnson (R)                             70

Tamara Johnson-Shealey (D)                223

Matt Lieberman (D)                                 245

Kelly Loeffler (I) (R)                               2,365

Joy Felicia Slade   (D)                                68

Brian Slowinski   (Lib)                               35

Valencia Stovall (Ind)                                12

Ed Tarver (D)                                              46

Kandis Taylor (R)                                       74

Raphael Warnock (D)                             3,827

Richard Dien Winfield (D)                         51

Total Votes                                               10,801


Public Service Commissioner District 1                    Votes

Jason Shaw (R)                                                                5,236

Robert E. Bryant (D)                                                       5,241

Elizabeth Melton (L)                                                          188

Total                                                                                  10,665


Public Service Commissioner District 4                             Votes

Lauren Bubba McDowell Jr.  (R)                                         5,210

Daniel Blackmon   (D)                                                           5,173

Nathan Wilson   (L)                                                                 181

Total Votes                                                                              10,564


US House District 2                                                              Votes

Don Cole  (R)                                                                         4,869

Sanford Bishop  (D)                                                             5,930

Total Votes                                                                           10,799


State Senate District 12                                                  Votes

Freddie Poweel Sims (I)  (D)                                         4,147

Tracy Taylor (R)                                                               3,113

Total Votes                                                                       7,260


State Senate District 13                                                   Votes

Carden H. Summers (I) (R)                                           2,094

Mary Egler (D)                                                                 1,318

Total Votes                                                                        3,412


State House District 138                                                 Votes

Mike Cheokas (I)  (R)                                                      4,260

Mark Arnett (D)                                                               5,087

Total Votes                                                                        9,347


State House District 152                                               Votes

Bill Yearta (I) (R)                                                           1,136

Total Votes                                                                      1,136


District Attorney – Southwestern                             Votes

Lewis R. Lamb (I) (Ind)                                             8,679

Total Votes                                                                   8,679


Clerk of Superior Court                                              Votes

Cortisa Barthell (I) (D)                                              8,669

Total Votes                                                                   8,669


Sumter County Sheriff                                               Votes

Phillip Danile (R)                                                        3,417

Eric D. Bryant (D)                                                       7,451

Total Votes                                                                  10,868


Sumter County Tax Commissioner                          Votes

Wilkie Smith III   (I)  (R)                                            6,479

Twany “Buffy” Edwards (D)                                      4,361

Total Votes                                                                  10,840


Coroner                                                                         Votes

Clifford Walton Jr. (D)                                               8,526

Total Votes                                                                    8,526


SC Board of Education District 1                        Votes

Abbis Y. Bivins                                                         771

Alice Green                                                               762

Total Votes                                                             1,533


SC Board of Education District 2                      Votes

Patricia M. Harris                                                  899

Meda Dubose Krenson                                         334

Total Votes                                                            1,233


SC Board of Education District 3                    Votes

Edward Jackson Jr.                                            659

James C. (Jim) Reid Jr.                                     806

Total Votes                                                          1,465


SC Board of Education District 4                     Votes

Rick H. Barnes                                                     1,235

Curtis Porter                                                          338

Brooks Robinson                                                  315

Total Votes                                                          1,888


SC Board of Education District 5                  Votes

Edith Ann Green                                               565

Carolyn C. Hamilton                                        849

Total Votes                                                       1,414


SC Board of Education District 6                 Votes

Vincent L. Kearse                                             957

Total Votes                                                        957


SC Board of Education District 7                Votes

Dwight Bernard Harris                                  627

Sylvia C. Roland                                              850

Total Votes                                                     1,477


Sumter County Chief Magistrate                 Votes

Tracy K. Hall  (R)                                            5,430

Crystal Cleveland  (D)                                    5,318

Total Votes                                                     10,748


County Commission District 1                     Votes

Clay L. Jones (I) (D)                                       1,809

Total Votes                                                       1,809


County Commission District 3                       Votes

William Reid (R)                                               1,400

Kenneth E. Hamilton (D)                                  929

Total Votes                                                         2,329


County Commission District 5                         Votes

Jessie L. Smith Jr.  (D)                                      1,648

Total Votes                                                           1,648


Constitutional Amendment #1                          Votes

Yes                                                                           7,765

No                                                                            2,503

Total Votes                                                           10,268


Constitutional Amendment #2                         Votes

Yes                                                                           6,853

No                                                                            3,306

Total Votes                                                            10,159


Statewide Referendum A                                   Votes

Yes                                                                          6,672

No                                                                           3,581

Total Votes                                                          10,253