Area Beat for 11/20 to 11/24/2020

Published 7:39 pm Monday, November 23, 2020

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Sumter County Sheriff’s Office Arrest Summary for 11/20 to 11/22/2020

Brown, Fanta Nicollette, 42, 11/22/2020, Theft By Shoplifting

Cliatte, Chassity Marie, 43, 11/20/2020, Housing for Schley County

Davis, Flinza Serrell, 27, 11/20/2020, Reckless Driving / Hit and Run / Obstructing and Hindering Law Enforcement Officers / Attempting to Elude Police / Forgery – ist Degree / Theft by Deception / Felony

Hamilton, Dekerion Jamier, 17, 11/22/2020, Aggravated Assault / Trying to Escape – Misdemeanor / Obstructing or Hindering Law Enforcement Officers / Possession of Fire Arm or Knife during the commission of or the attempt to commit certain felonies / Possession of a pistol or revolver by a Minor

Harris, Carlos R., 36, 11/23/2020, Expired or No Registration or Title / Driving while unlicensed / Possession of open alcohol container / Fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer / Possession of open alcohol container / Reckless Driving / Failure to Maintain Lane

King, Cleveland, 33, 11/23/2020, Driving While Licensed Suspended or Revoked / Speeding in excess of maximum limits (State Speed and Zone limits)

Nimmons, Durante Pierre, 27, 11/22/2020, Criminal Trespass / Probation Violation (When probation terms are altered)

Richards, Dustin Lee, 30, 11/20/2020, DUI – Alcohol/controlled substance found in blood/urine subject to O.C.G.A. / Knowingly driving a motor vehicle on a suspended, cancelled or revoked registration / Possession of Marijuana / Possession and use of drug-related objects

Waters, Narada Morella, 37, 11/21/2020, Aggravated Assault / Terroristic Threats and Acts

Wiggins, Emilio, 28, 11/20/2020, Weekender

Woods, Santwan, Cordarius, 23, 11/21/2020, Speeding in excess of maximum limits (83/55) / Terroristic Threats and Acts

Yancie, Chatley Latrice, 32, 11/22/2020, Criminal Trespass / Simple Battery – Family Violence / Cruelty to Children – Causes Excessive physical or mental pain – 1st Degree




364 GA Highway 30, Life Pointe Church     Accident involving a deer

0 Highway 19 and Highway 30                      Assist Motorist

Arlington Dr. at US Highway 280 E.              Traffic Stop

Forsyth Street at Tripp Street                         Traffic Stop

GSW University Dr. at Glessner St.                 Traffic Stop

192 Lexington Circle                                           Domestic Disturbance

105 Sandstone Dr.                                               Alarm Intrusion

316 Highway 27 E                                              Accident Report

0 Tallent Store Road and Highway 30 W     Roadway Blocked

138 Jenkins Road                                                 Loud Music

Highway 280 E at Gas & Go                               Traffic Stop

226 S. Dudley St., Apt. C                                     Traffic Offense

0 Highway 49 N at Reeves                                 Traffic Stop

Statham Lakefront Road at Lamar Road       Abandoned Vehicle

0 Standard Elevator at Pryor Road               Roadway Blocked

969 Thrasher Road                                             Deer Accident Report

110 US Highway 280 W at Gas & Go               Alarm Activation

0 Highway 280 E & Pecan Road                       Assist Motorist

522 Shiloh Road                                                  Alarm Activation




0 Highway 49 @ Stagecoach                             Assist Motorist

0 Highway 49 N at MM 24                                 Traffic Stop

205 W Church St.                                                  Alarm Activation

100 Learning Lane                                               Alarm Activation

0 Southerfield Rd at Shady Ln.                         Traffic Stop

0 W Lamar St.                                                      Traffic Stop

240 A Cartwright Road                                       Domestic Disturbance

0 Jefferson St. off of Mayo St.                             Traffic Stop

0 49 N About MM 22                                           Traffic Stop

0 GA Highway 49 N MM 24                               Traffic Stop

0 Rucker St. at Roney St.                                     Traffic Stop

0 500 block of Sharon Drive                             Traffic Stop




Highway 30 at American Legion Post            Fight

352 McMath Mill Road                                       Domestic Disturbance

168 Sherwood Dr.                                               Welfare Check

Lamar St. at Cherokee St.                                   Traffic Stop

254 Edgewood Dr.                                               Suspicious Vehicle

102 Foster St.                                                       Domestic Disturbance

188 Sylvan Dr.                                                       Vehicle Unlock

108 Tulip Dr.                                                       Information for Officer

0 Old Andersonville at Highway 49 N         Traffic Stop

0 Highway 49 at MM 24                                   Traffic Stop

0 Forsyth St. and Lamar St.                            Assist Another Agency

103 Short Lane                                                   Domestic Disturbance

104 South Fourty Ciecle                                   Alarm Activation

0 GA Highway S MM 5                                       Traffic Stop

0 GA Highway 30 Mockingbird Road           Suspicious Vehicle


Americus PD Summary of Incidents 11/20 to 11/24/2020


118 Brannon Avenue, Harassing Communications

Roadway of Tripp St. and E. Lamar St., DUE – Less Safe Drugs / Possession of Controlled Substance-Marijuana / Possession of Drug-Related Objects / Suspended Registration

106 Tripp St., Criminal Trespass

1711 East Lamar St., Theft by Shoplifting

123 Linnie St., Child Molestation

Taylor St., Fleeing or attempting to elude police / Obstructing Law Enforcement Officers / Reckless Driving / Hit and Run; Duty of Driver to stop at or

Americus, Domestic Dispute

103A Magnolia Ct., Unassigned1 Domestic Dispute

730 S MLK Blvd. Americus Garden Apartments, Unassigned1 Recovered Contraband

1605 E. Lamar Street Days Inn, Lost / Mislaid Property




607B Eastview Circle Eastview Apartments, Loud and unnecessary noises-prohibited

Bell St. @ Oak Avenue, Recovered Property – Not Stolen

726 Apartment B Carver St., Identity Theft / Fraud when using-possessing

406B Academy St., Burglary – 1st Degree-Felony

730 South MLK Blvd. Americus Garden Apartments, Warrant Executed

720 Harris St Apt. 11, Unassigned1 – Domestic Dispute

730 South MLK Blvd. Americus Garden Apartments, Entering Automobile or other Motor Vehicle

103B Bush Circle, Unassigned – Lost / Mislaid Property

528 Jackson Avenue, Rape

1101 South Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd Danfare Express, Theft by Shoplifting

North Lee St., Traffic Stop

102B Eastview Circle Eastview Apartments, Criminal Trespass

1207 S. Martin Luther King Blvd., Battery / Kidnapping

730 South MLK Boulevard Americus Garden, Home Invasion-1st Degree

813 Douglas Dr., Aggravated Assault




516 Barlow St., Entering Automobile or other Motor Vehicle

1711 East Lamar St., Theft by Shoplifting / Theft by Shoplifting

308 Sun Valley Dr., Entering Automobile or other Motor Vehicle

119 S. Lee St., Terroristic Threats and Acts

1533 S. Lee St Circle K, Criminal Trespass

216 Horton Dr., Domestic Dispute

1609 E. Lamar St. Hampton Inn, Criminal Trespass

908 Ridge St., Unruly Juvenile

122 Frieda Ln., Unsassigned1 – Civil Matter

1609 E. Lamar St. Hampton Inn, Entering Automobile or other Motor Vehicle

1533 South Lee St. Circle K, Unassigned1 – Suspicious Incident

1208 2nd Montgomery, Aggravated Assault

203 Murphy Mill Road Apt. J, Simple Battery – Family Violence / Criminal Trespass / Cruelty to Children-1st Degree maliciously




1533 South Lee St. Circle K, Harassing Communications

South Lee St. at Columbia Avenue, Hit and Run – Duty of Driver to stop / Improper Passing / Following Too Closely

1109 Douglas Circle, Unassigned1 – Domestic Dispute

808A Fulton St., Unassigned1 – Domestic Dispute

117 Melody Lane, Theft by Taking – Misdemeanor

Poplar St., Battery against a female who is pregnant

608A Hancock Dr., Theft by Extortion

1206 Madison St., Unassigned1 – Suspicious Incident

118 Brannan Avenue, Suspicious Incident

306 W. Church St., Burglary – 1st Degree (Felony)


Americus PD Arrest Summary 11/24/2020

Hunter, Johnnie Lee, 63, 11/24/2020, Sexual Battery – Misdemeanor


Sumter County Sheriff’s Office Arrest Summary 11/23-11/24/2020


Chambers, Kordarius Devonte, 23, 11/23/2020, Probation Violation (When Probation terms are altered)

Scott, James Edward, 70, 11/23/2020, Theft by Shoplifting