Americus joins together to pray over our city

Published 12:17 pm Thursday, July 1, 2021

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It was a drizzly Wednesday evening and while a lot of folks find themselves at a church building enjoying a midweek celebration, the church moved the celebration to Lee Street at the Russell Thomas Public Safety Building. To culminate 30 days of prayer over our city and for four areas in particular, the church gathered to offer gratitude, petitions and praises. The faces were many, as over 100 were present. The rain seemed to represent the cleansing and pouring out we have been craving and it was a joy to stand with our fellow neighbors in such an effort.

Several local pastors offered their spirits’ cry so the crowd could also lift their words. Offerings of thanksgiving for residents, law enforcement, the church, the city and our leadership were gladly given. There were requests for those causing the violence to have a healing and feel God’s love and mercy. Chains were asked to be broken. The city was asked to be considered holy ground. The voices asked we recognize each of our shortcomings and our talents to pour forth on the behalf of Americus. Revival was requested and to begin on an individual basis. It was asked we be known as a praying community, to be new, to step out, to do what can be done in God’s power. The population, independent of economic status, age, race or sex was prayed over to recognize the strength of God’s love residing in us.

Chief Mark Scott told of how he came to request the city to join in on the prayer effort. Having recognized the city was in the middle of a crisis, he prayed for a solution, for a direction on what he and his department could do. In his prayer, it was made clear to him to ask the church to join in a prayer effort for at least 30 days. He reports the efforts of the Americus Police Department and those who partner with them are multiple, but he also feels the prayer effort is the most powerful tool the city has. He encouraged us not to let our prayers be limited to 30 days. He admitted he is vested in relying on God to move through our city.

Although the 30-day effort has been met, there is an ongoing desire to be intentional about praying for our city. There are four areas in particular which law enforcement responds to frequently. Those areas include Bessie Mays Circle, Tom Hall Circle/Reddick Drive, Cherokee Street and McCoy Hill. If you feel a particular leading to help in the efforts being made, please contact Chief Scott at the Americus Police Department or another leader in the area. We are grateful for those who call upon God to pour out his greatness on our home. We are grateful for those who get up every morning with the intention to be the hands and feet of Jesus. This community welcomes you. Our home needs you. Please continue to be the voice of a warrior.