Americus Mayor and City Council vote on ordinance regarding fireworks

Published 9:25 am Friday, July 23, 2021

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Mayor and city council met on Thursday 7.22.21 to vote on July’s business. After recognition of guests and citizen comments, a public hearing was held on Amiais Health receiving a Revolving Fund Loan. After no one spoke at the hearing, a unanimous vote was made to award the loan.

Other items receiving unanimous vote included the adoption of the agenda as well as the consent agenda. Ordinance amendment changes were the bulk of the voting items. Americus has amended the cemetery ordinance. The ordinance will address several items however the city will be trying to keep the cemetery clear of worn and deteriorated items which are used as remembrances for markers. In addition, the cemetery will remove items within 30 days which commemorate a religious holiday such as Christmas. The ordinance also addressed other items to include traffic limitations and procedures for purchasing a plot. The ordinance passed unanimously. Passing unanimously also was the parks and recreation ordinance which would limit carnival rides, water features and petting zoo activities.

Up for the first reading was a noise ordinance which directly effects fireworks within the city limits. Fireworks will be required to receive a permit from the fire marshal and will be allowed on certain times and days which do not interfere with state law. At present the permit cost is set to be $100. The ordinance came about after two council members brought the concerns of citizens to the governing body. Among other reasons, there was a strong consensus the sound of fireworks is like that of gunfire and the similarity was concerning for some citizens. The ordinance will have its second and final reading next month where it will be voted upon.

Other items receiving a unanimous vote include a cabling and camera purchase for the new customer service building on Forsyth Street. Suspending the rules, the council approved hiring a senior management assistant to provide aid to the city manager. Streetlights at Cooper and Albert Subdivision were approved as well as speedbumps on Finn Street.