Phoenix Heart Healing opens its doors in Americus

Published 10:57 am Wednesday, August 11, 2021

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Americus has a new offering! Robin Humphreys owns Phoenix Heart Rising. The business refers to itself as “Compassionate Holistic Wellness Meditation and Energy Healing.” Robin has been certified as a ShamaSoma Healing Practitioner. According to Robin, shama refers to “shamanism, or earth-based understanding of the way energy works.” Soma being grounded in a word for “body.” This practice acknowledges “energies in the body, around the body, and of all the things that are interconnected, because it’s mind, body and spirit.”  Robin refers to herself as a Meditation and Energy Healing Guide.

Robins offers several services. The “transformation package” includes seven sessions over ten weeks. The sessions are tailored to individual needs and may include smudging, guided meditations, chakra reading and balancing, conscious breathing and more. Included also are meditation and power practices which can be accessed anytime. However, not everyone desires a full package and could benefit from other options, which are done in 90 and 60-minute sessions. Spinal unwinding is a hands-on process of moving energy along the spinal column for deep relaxation and changing lifelong patterns of beliefs. Robin also offers a hypnotherapeutic journey into past life experiences as well as chakra readings and balancing which work on seven primary energy centers. Additional options conclude with restoring power from past experiences, head massage to release tension, and techniques to clear long-held physical, emotional and thought patterns.

Robin tailors each session to what needs, desires and expectations of her services might be. Individuality is considered and respected for each session. When asked why Robin chose Americus to offer her practice, in addition to living here, she states, “this is a community I really resonate with in a lot of different ways.” Robin is originally from San Francisco and reports living in the deep south took some getting used to. However, she assimilated, and responds, “what I have come to experience here is so much heart and so much kindness.” Robin also acknowledges our history both of oppressive and progressive actions. “There is a history here of people bringing forward light into the darkness.”

If you are interested in getting a taste of some of Robin’s talents, there is an upcoming “Community Calming Class” on Saturday August 14 at 10am. Sign-up will be required, and the maximum allowed is 20 people. You may sign up or be put on a waiting list by calling or emailing Robin. At the class you can expect to learn more about meditation, experience a guided meditation, breathing exercises, some movement and have an opportunity to share your personal experience during the class. The class is typically an hour. In addition to Robin’s services, she also has a room designated as a “sanctuary” which is mood calming and can be rented by the hour for relaxation, meditation, or simply a place to be in solitude.

Pheonix Heart Healing can be reached by email at robinLhumphreys@gmail or by telephone at 413.320.7760. The website is www. Robin can also be found on Facebook under Pheonix Heart Healing. Her practice is located at 111 Habitat Street in Americus.