Americus continues to shine as she beautifies local cemetery

Published 3:10 pm Thursday, December 9, 2021

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The City of Americus has been addressing both Oak Grove and Eastview Cemeteries. On Wednesday, December 8, 2021, a ribbon cutting was scheduled to celebrate the beautiful changes made to Eastview. Eastview is a city owned cemetery located at 802 Ashby Street. Although the beautification can be viewed with a drive past the location, the ribbon has not been cut due to inclement weather on 12.8. However, a familiar face was found on Ashby Street on a rainy morning. Frank Purvis is a local contractor who not only took on the job of improving the cemetery, but he is also improving two other city owned properties. The recently celebrated new Americus Customer Service Center on Forsyth Street and the Municipal Building on Lamar Street are under his watchful eye.

Some of the new work done at Eastview Cemetery. New brick pillars, new fencing and a new pavilion add beauty.

A contractor’s work is very much affected by other circumstances. While weather is always a consideration, other factors such as the economy and state of the housing market also determine a contractor’s livelihood. Recently, the impact of COVID-19 has significantly affected those who build and improve properties. Not only are builders having to navigate through quarantines and sometimes illness like the rest of us, but they are also learning supplies such as paint and lumber are impacted. Frank reports most of his vendors are limited in the amounts of building supplies they can provide as manufacturing has taken a hit. When a demand is present, the supply must keep up to ensure everything runs on a timely fashion. Currently, and for over a year, the supply chain has been impacted. Buyers have likely noticed the significant increase in the price of lumber over the past year. Building a new home, or even remodeling jobs will see a significant increase in cost and a definite increase in time it takes to complete a project. However, as things return to normal, the hope is project costs will level out.

Frank is a licensed general contractor who lives in Americus and has provided his expertise for over 20 years. Frank reports he and his team have invested a year’s worth of work into Eastview. The improvements include brick columns flanking iron fencing as well as a new pavilion which will offer shelter to residents. Franks reports being inspired by the “existing walls that are here” and the continuity of the brick work has held the historic integrity of the existing offerings. He reports, “I had a real hard time with the COVID issues, the supply issues. We had to reorder brick four different times.” However, Frank reports his vendors have worked on his behalf to make the project come to fruition. As Frank is completing his projects he reports, “we are available to take on new projects after the first of the year.” This is significant information as builders have also been in high demand, despite the costs of building going up.

Be sure to look for the progress going on in the city. The Americus Customer Service Center is a beautiful new facility which will serve our residents well through the years. The space available has increased dramatically and city employees as well as residents will find such space to be beneficial as the work of Americus is carried out. While not completed, the Municipal Building will also be showing off progress as the days unfold. Americus tax dollars are being invested by improving and beautifying properties which benefit the majority of the citizens directly. As well as the three projects Frank has been entrusted with, the city recently increased our value by welcoming a new trolley to the city fleet for residents to enjoy. When you see a green trolley, which some city employees affectionately call “Jade,” riding our streets, please know it is available during most downtown events and is also available for private rental.

If you have a project which requires a steady hand and an eye for detail, give Frank a call at 229.942.2975 or email him at If you are a weekend warrior and putting your own talents to the test, be sure to check with our local vendors as they will provide you with neighborly service and navigate the supply shortage to your advantage. There are many perks to using local people to do local work, but perhaps the most special is while investing locally, your fellow residents are investing back into you as only a neighbor can do. Keep shining Americus, you are indeed a beauty!

The ribbon cutting for Eastview Cemetery will be rescheduled and announced for a future date.