Smarr Smith Foundation gifts body armor to local law enforcement agencies

Published 1:43 pm Thursday, October 20, 2022

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Tracy K. Hall

Fueled by the community’s support, the Smarr Smith Foundation was able to purchase body armor for Georgia Southwestern’s Public Safety Department and the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. The body armor, or “bullet proof vests,” can prove to be life saving for an officer. Body armor is but one request the supporters of the Smarr Smith Foundation have made possible. Scholarships, training, a drone, traffic calming devices such as stop sticks, uniforms and cameras are a sampling of what the foundation has provided to GSW Public Safety, Americus Police Department and Sumter County Sheriff’s Office.

Chief Mike Lewis of GSW, states, “I want to thank the Smarr Smith Foundation for their continued support of law enforcement, especially here at Georgia Southwestern. The equipment they purchased for us will definitely benefit the Georgia Southwestern community as well as the Americus, Sumter County area. Ballistic vests not only provide protection for the officer, but they also give the officer confidence to do their job day in and day out.”

Smarr Smith Foundation President, Faith Pinnell, stated, “Thanks to our generous donors, the Smarr Smith Foundation is pleased to be able to purchase necessary and updated body armor for both GSW Public Safety and the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office.”

The Smarr Smith Foundation was established in response to the 2016 deaths of Nick Smarr and Jody Smith. The foundation is a non-profit organization which is strongly supported by the community. Supporters make it possible for local law enforcement agencies; Americus Police Department, GSW Public Safety and Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, to obtain training and gear which their budgets may not otherwise allow. The funds raised throughout the year are divided equally among these three agencies who then identify the most pressing need the foundation can fulfill. To learn more about the Smarr Smith Foundation, please visit, or their Facebook page at The Smarr Smith Foundation.