The Mustard Seed continues their ministry

Published 10:06 am Thursday, October 27, 2022

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Staff Reports

When Calvary Episcopal Church decided to create a thrift shop to serve the Americus community, we were encouraged to remember the New Testament story of the mustard seed—that something very small can grow into something much larger than its origin. And so we began. We called our shop The Mustard Seed, believing that if we worked in good faith to serve the community, our efforts would grow. And for the past 12 years, the efforts of a dedicated core of volunteers has maintained the shop as a place to buy good, used merchandise—but beyond that, to use the income generated to serve a variety of community needs.

We lived through the Covid pandemic, remaining closed for many months to protect our volunteers and our customers—people who had become friends. Reopened and back in business, we have had a successful year, and have just allocated the past year’s income to the following local causes:

The Sumter Humane Society: $1,000

Community Service Ministry (sponsored by SAMA)$2,000

Sumter County Middle School Clothing Closet:$2,000

Whole Truth Ministries Food Pantry: $500

Calvary’s Blessing Box (food that is accessible in Blessing Box on church grounds Lee Street): $2,500

Calvary is a small church with a large heart. Its members are committed to looking beyond its own doors into the community around us, to make a difference where we can, in all the ways we can. We are grateful for the local support that Mustard Seed continues to enjoy, and give thanks for the many donations that have made the ministry possible. Like the growth of the mustard seed, many small donations have given us an abundance of gifts. Now those gifts have been transformed into funds that will impact the entire community. A mustard seed works wonders.