Local Sumter County 4 H Club students honored at Sumter County BOC Work Session

Published 5:15 pm Monday, May 15, 2023

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AMERICUS – On Tuesday, May 9, the Sumter County Board of Commissioners (BOC) held its monthly work session at the Sumter County Courthouse. Early on in the work session, Dr. Crystal Perry, who manages the 4 H Youth Development Program here in Sumter County, brought with her a group of local 4H elementary school students so that they could be honored in front of the BOC for their accomplishments in 4 H throughout the year.

Dr. Perry told the BOC that someone requested that some of the Superstar 4 Hers be presented and honored in front of the BOC. “For many years, the Sumter County Board of Commissioners have been very supportive of our youth development program here in Sumter County and Miss Parker asked us to highlight some of the accomplishments of our youth,” Dr. Perry told the BOC. “They also have prepared and presented before you today something just to show their appreciation for your support over the years.”

Dr. Perry then asked each 4 her to stand, each of their names were given, as well as the projects that they completed. Dr. Perry also stated that in the past, the 4 H Youth Development Program has asked the BOC for additional support and funding for an assistant position. Dr. Perry went on to tell the BOC that the position has been filled by Quinton Moore, who is the new program assistant. “Quinton has been a resident in Sumter County for many years and has a long history of working with youth with the rec department, Sumter County Schools and Furlow Charter, so we are glad to have him on board to continue to support our youth here in Sumter County,” Perry continued.

The names of these primary and elementary students and their accomplishmanets in 4 H this year are as follows:

Londyn Green – Honorable Mention in the Cloverleaf Performing Arts Vocal Project

Chantrell Hall – Honorable Mention in the Senior Performing Arts General Project

Zyon Hunter – 1st Place Cloverleaf Food for Fitness Project

Kingston Lyles – Honorable Mention in the Cloverleaf Computer Information Technology Project

Ty’Trevion Thompson – 2nd Place in the Cloverleaf Outdoor Recreation Project

Tamea Hawkins – 2nd Place in the Junior Individual Sports Project

The BOC also heard from District Attorney Lewis Lamb of the Southwestern Judicial Circuit concerning the Victims of Crime Act, or VOICA Grant. “We are a victims services program that is essentially funded by the Victims of Crime Act Grant that comes from the federal government to the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. Then it’s granted to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Council and then divided up among the various DA offices across the state,” Lamb told the BOC. “The grant represents money that we’ve already spent and payroll we’ve already incurred.” Lamb’s main reason for speaking before the BOC was to ask the BOC to approve a quarterly submission of the grant so that they can get paid. Lamb went on to say that he was under the impression that Board Chairman Mark Waddell, who was not in attendance at the Work Session, had been signing quarterly submissions, but was advised that it had to be approved by the BOC in order to be done. He went on to say that every delay puts him and his office behind in paying their bills. “This one is for January 1 to March 31 and this is about $78,000 to $79,000 that we’ve already incurred in payroll expenses,” Lamb told the BOC. “I just needed to get someone to sign it so that we can send it to the state, to the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) so that we can receive this quarter’s, that quarter’s grant funds,” Lamb continued. He went on to say that he prepared and brought with him a resolution that allows and authorizes him, as the District Attorney, to sign a form so that it can be sent to the CJCC so that his office can get reimbursed. “It doesn’t change anything without the grant process,” Lamb told the BOC. “The money still comes to Sumter County. It gets paid out from Sumter County to us. So that we can turn around and put it on our payroll. We make the process a whole lot faster if, as soon as we prepared this, if I can sign it and send it to Atlanta. ”He went on to say that he needs a letter from the BOC to the CJCC. County Attorney Hayden Hooks asked Lamb to allow her and County Administrator Rayetta Volley to get together and study the matter further so that a recommendation can be voted on at the BOC regular meeting on Tuesday, May 16. However, Commissioner David Baldwin stated that he had no problem approving Mr. Lamb’s request that evening and he went on record saying that he approved Lamb’s request to sign the document and Commissioner Jim Reid seconded the motion. The BOC voted and the motion to approve Lamb’s request passed unanimously.

In other news from the Work Session, the BOC voted unanimously to approve unanimously the revised agreement with AGER to remove the scrap metal from the new fire station. Commissioner Clay Jones made a motion for approval and Commissioner Reid seconded the motion. The BOC also unanimously approved the Barge Design Solutions, Inc. Professional Services Agreement for preparing erosion, sedimentation and pollution control (ES&PC) Plan with the amount of $9,623.00 to be paid from bond funds. Commissioner Reid made a motion for approval and Commissioner Jones seconded the motion. The BOC voted and the motion for approval passed unanimously.