Commissioners’ Meeting Discusses Litter Tickets and Cleanup

Published 7:55 pm Monday, October 16, 2023

The Board discussed the City Attorney’s budget. The City Attorney requested $216,790 for 2024. The Board had approved $165,000.
The Board discussed changing Joe Stuart Road to Ryan Road in Leslie at the behest of the surviving family. Commissioner Clay Jones asked if Joe Stuart had any surviving family in the area. Commissioner David Baldwin responded that they had checked the surrounding properties.
“If there were Joe Stuart family living there, there doesn’t appear to be any now.”
Commissioner Waddell made a motion to change the road name as of Dec. 1rst, which passed unanimously.
Parks and Recreation director Tim Estes informed the Board about fairground air conditioner issues.
“I had it checked out thoroughly by Parkers. One of them they got repaired, the other one they’re recommending we replace it. It’s going to be in the $24-25,000 range most likely.”
Waddell entertained a motion to reappoint Wesley Scott Ivey to the Tax Board. His current term expires Oct. 24th, 2023. Commissioner Jessie Smith made a motion to reappoint Ivey, which was seconded by Jones, passing unanimously. His new term expires Oct 24th, 2026.
Fire Chief Jerry Harmon then addressed the Board about the cleanup at Rock Hill Subdivision and smoke detector installations.
“They installed 75 smoke detectors in that neighborhood.”
Code enforcement officer Heather Tyler addressed the Board about the trash situation on McMath Mill Road. She observed waste falling out of a Transwaste truck.
“I’ve also seen several citizens with trailers that are not tarped and stuff falling off of them as well. We have some options that we could attempt.”
Tyler mentioned citations or DNR tickets.
Jones suggested the DNR route considering the severity of the problem.
“It’s so bad I wouldn’t play around with it.”
Harmon mentioned confusion over a road name.
“We’re having some issues with highway 45 outside of Plains. It was deeded over to the county, 45 North. Mr. Littlefield said some of them [are] calling it County 45, County Road 45, Highway 45 North, and that may be something we may have to go look at, maybe changing that road name. There’s no longer a Highway 45.”
Smith thanked Harmon.
“Chief, I want to personally thank you for choosing that area in Rock Hill to do that clean up and put those fire detectors in. I appreciate the American Red Cross, they came out as well, and also Miss Heather, with the cokes, [did] a great job of fixing hamburgers and everything else.”
Harmon talked further about smoke detectors.
“It’s sad we’ve been giving these things away for twelve years now, and we still got a hundred people this month who didn’t have one. All they have to do is call us. We have a $2,000 grant to purchase them.”