Representative Patty Stinson Speaks at Friday Kiwanis Meeting

Published 11:08 pm Monday, October 23, 2023

Judge Rucker Smith sponsored representative Patty Stinson, formerly Patty Bentley, for the program at Kiwanis on October 20th.
Smith introduced her.
“Patty grew up in Reynolds Georgia. We are thrilled to have her with us, and she is happy to answer any questions. She’s going to share her insights as to what is going on in Atlanta. We have the legislative session coming up in about two months, so be thinking about what it is that you need to be in touch with your State representatives for. She represents all of Andersonville, a good bit of Americus, essentially northern Sumter County.”
Stinson addressed the meeting.
“Good afternoon everyone. Glad to be in Americus Ga today on Friday. I celebrated my one month anniversary. I didn’t realize that today was the twentieth, because I just wanted to get and do what I have to do to serve the people of House District 150 so those of you that live in Andersonville and the north part of Sumter County and Americus you are in now House District 150, along with Taylor County, Macon County, Dooly County and the City of Fort Valley. So thank you Judge Rucker for inviting me to be here.
I’ve been in the House of representatives for 11 years, prior to becoming a member of the Georgia House of Representatives, I served as a County Commissioner in Taylor County for several years, and prior to that I worked for a number of years in Taylor County. And people often ask ‘Well how did you end up in politics?’ And I share with them my story working with the Board of Elections in Taylor County. I found myself answering questions for people that were coming into the courthouse that had absolutely nothing to do with the Board of elections. It was questions for their County Commissioner. And what I learned was that most people did not know who their County Commissioner was. So what did that tell you? They were not voting! So I would start making sure that people knew who their County Commissioners were, help them form questions, how to convey their questions and concerns to their County Commissioners, and then to my surprise the County Commissioners would come to me for answers that their constituents asked them. I thought to myself ‘Maybe I got the wrong job?’”
Stinson described her passion for representing her constituents.
“As your State Representative I will work hard for you, I will fight for you. I will always be responsive to you. I may not have a chance to call you back right then, but I want to make sure I get back with you.”
She talked further about her motivation for becoming a representative.
“Early in my career as a State Representative, I had a young lady call me, and she was really upset that her baby was turning a year old on Friday, and this was Wednesday about 5:30 when she called, she was having issues with Medicaid, and the child needed her first-year shots and she didn’t have the Medicaid finalized.
Being in the State House, having the phone number and knowing who to call directly to the Department of Community Health, we were able to get her issue resolved and by Friday morning she was able to get what the baby needed.”
Stinson mentioned her willingness to bridge differences.
“I’m always willing to walk across party lines and work with my colleagues in the House and in the Senate. It does get a little too political up there sometimes, and that does get to be a little disheartening, but at the end of the day you have to stay focused on your real purpose for being there.”
Stinson answered questions about current issues.
“Tort reform is going to definitely be on the table, CON reform, that is certificate of need for hospitals, is definitely going to be on the table. Maybe for the past eight years casino gambling has been on the table.”