The Spot

Published 9:43 pm Friday, October 27, 2023

Yorka Ralwins gave an interview about her restaurant The Spot. She described the atmosphere she had created with the store.
“It’s not from one particular region. It’s a blend of tropical with the art, with the campestre or country feeling. It’s the countryside of Latin America.”
Ralwins started describing the menu.
“Churrasco, which is skirt steak. It’s very thin, it’s like a blanket of steak, on the grill, with an Argentina Chimichurri sauce. We have also Picanha, which is the tip of the shoulder, sirloin top. Everything is marinated, so with the Argentina Chimichurri. The meat is pretty much done the Argentina way.
We are also having T-bone, we’re having Rib-eye, and we have a marinated slow roasted pork, the Latin way. It’s very similar to the one in the South, but ours has a lot of spices in there.”
She talked more about her favorite dish.
“I’m a Churrasco person. None of the restaurants here have it. We also have some Italian dishes in there, some French dishes in there. We have the meatball in the pomodoro sauce, which is to die for. It has loose egg in the sauce. It’s just really delicious. We’re also having a seafood Risotto. It has shrimp and calamari.”
Ralwins talked about the challenges she faced opening a small business.
“It took us three years for us because of the time we initiated the project, right after COVID, so labor was a little bit complicated at the time, getting people to do the job. So that put us behind about a year and a half. When we were done a year later, the complication with the permits.
Wonderful Americans make it easier for business to get the license-I’m being sarcastic, they don’t. I thank the state for jumping in and helping finally get all my license, because if it was up to the city of Americus I’d still be trying to open.”
She talked about her desire to open a restaurant that brought more entertainment to the community.
“This is something that is overly needed in Americus. It’s a wonderful vibe. We are going to be having different types of entertainment. It’s needed to bring more life. We’ll be having some live music. We’re having some comedy nights, karaoke night, trivia night, open mike.
They ask me what they want, I see if I can do it, because this is a restaurant for the community, this is not a restaurant for a little group. It’s for the whole community. It’s a family-oriented restaurant. It has a comfortable look to it with a high-end menu, the food is the best one in Americus by far in terms of quality, flavor, and everything.
My restaurant is the only one that has a real chef versus just cooks. She’s the one that established the cuisine in the Windsor Hotel. She’s the one that put that cuisine where it is. So now she’s here. And she has a Latin background. She was raised in Spain, so she has the Latin flavor in her blood, and that’s what we needed for the food in here. We make a perfect match in here. We have the Columbian, Spain, Argentina, Dominican combination. It’s going to be marvelous.”