City Council Discusses Lawn Maintenance and Speeders

Published 9:34 pm Monday, November 13, 2023

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The Americus City Council discussed issues with lawn maintenance. Public works director Mike Sistrunk addressed the Council, stating issues with using inmate crews for lawn maintenance.

“We have a hard time just filling five corrections officer positions.”

He added:

“It’s hard to keep five crews.”

Sistrunk did mention some positives.

“They seem to be doing a lot better with the equipment.”

The amount paid to contractors was also addressed by council member Daryl Dowdell.

“The amount that we are spending has drastically increased. Pre-COVID, the inmates [were] cutting all the parks. They were cutting all the city buildings, but now we are paying the contractors, and we are faced with raises.”

Council member Juanita Wilson also commented on the quality of lawn maintenance.

“We need to have a better inspection.”

Council member Nicole Smith voiced similar concerns.

“Where is the accountability saying that what they are paid to do has been done to our satisfaction?”

Sistrunk addressed a request to put speed bumps on Sharon Circle by a local resident, informing the City Council that the road does not meet the safety criteria for speed bumps.

Dowdell commented on the dangerous conditions.

“It’s a problem over there, but I’m not going to go against the recommendation of staff.”

Sistrunk responded to questions from Smith about the price of speed bumps.

“They run about $2,000.”

Sistrunk mentioned another option.

“You can post the yellow speed limit sign, of a slower speed, but it’s not enforceable.”

He mentioned the enforceable speed limit.

“Your speed limit is still 35, which for that hill is probably a little too much.”

Dowdell commented.

“Somebody needs to patrol those areas every once in a while.”

He mentioned that in addition to Walker’s complaints, another resident had several near run ins.

“Her elderly neighbor was going out to check her mailbox and almost got hit three times.”

Sistrunk listed rumble strips as another option but mentioned the noise was undesirable.

After discussing traffic concerns, Sistrunk reported on a grant to monitor lead and copper levels.

“We got accepted for $525,000. You don’t have to match it. All you have to do is vote to accept that grant.”

Grease was another concern, with Wilson asking questions about it’s affect on the cleaning plant.

Mike Rouse, head of the water plant, answered.

“The grease that comes into our plant messes up the process that we do to clean the water before we put it back. It usually comes from a business. We have to narrow that down. There [are] fines for that.”

He went on to address the previous issues with well 9.

“It’s in good shape. The issue was with something that busted out in the city.”

He went on to clarify that they were required to test for bacterial contamination, but the tests returned negative.

“We have a certified lab here in the city of Americus.”

Before the Council adjourned, Smith commented on Harvest of Hope food pantry, informing citizens who were in need of their services.

“They give out food at 9 o’clock on Tuesday.”

Mayor Kinnamon also made a final comment.

“This is national children’s book week. Also, the city of Americus under the umbrella of GMA and city solutions has adopted the mayor’s reading program, and we are implementing that in conjunction with the school district.”