Plains City Council

Published 4:54 pm Wednesday, January 3, 2024

The Plains City Council met on the 21rst of December. Mayor Pro Tem Wade Medlock informed the council of the need to choose an engineer to be qualify for a grant covering updates to the water plant.
Council woman Kim Fuller made a motion.
“I move that we hire Turnipseed as our engineer on the grant project.”
Council member Eugene Edge seconded the motion, passing unanimously.
Council woman A. B. Jackson mentioned efforts to recruit a food truck to Plains, planning further updates the following month.
The reading of the ordinance concerning unfit dwellings was tabled until next month.
The Board was also updated that an insurance payment of $20,333 was sent. The insurance payment was for public and private pipes that had broken in July and would allow those affected to be reimbursed.
It was also reported that checks for those qualifying for the Homestead Exemption Tax Grant were mailed.