Large Attendance for Women’s Wine and Chocolate Walk Exposes Need for Downtown Restrooms

Published 2:26 pm Saturday, March 2, 2024

Mainstreet reported over 500 tickets sold for the Women’s Wine and Chocolate Walk. Rob Ceresoli mentioned the event drew an even larger crowd to Americus, as those with tickets brought along friends. “I estimated there was probably close to 1,500, close to 1,600 people on Women’s Wine Walk.”

Chair Angela Smith noted that many merchants reported the event was a success. However, with success came new challenges. Ceresoli mentioned that the restrooms in The Windsor were trashed. Yorka Ralwins showed support for local business owners providing access to their facilities. “Those are their customers.” Courtney Minix reported that she had closed her store during the Women’s Wine and Chocolate Walk due to large numbers using her restrooms without shopping.

The Board discussed the purchase of a mobile restroom facility. Ceresoli commented that they ran from around 3.8-6k. But ownership of the facilities would depend on the City of Americus cleaning them. Qujian mentioned that while Beerfest was in a specific area, Women’s Wine and Chocolate Walk was more mobile, and restrooms would need to be marked on the map provided to participants.

Ceresoli mentioned that renting two portable bathrooms would be insufficient considering their numbers. Smith showed support for a permanent facility. “That’s going to take some planning and some work, and we need to find a good place to put it.”

Ceresoli mentioned maintenance. “We can’t get the City to empty trash cans, and we are going to ask them to start maintaining public restrooms?” Ceresoli stated that creating a public restroom would require commitment.